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Monday Links: St. Louis Forces Game Seven...Two Weeks Too Late

Get your week started right! ...or at least started, anyway.

A St. Louisan shoving down a St. Louis.
A St. Louisan shoving down a St. Louis.
Bruce Bennett

Hey, remember that time I told you that DK would be back to link you up on Monday? Yea...about that...Tyler had to tap out today, so you're stuck with me again.


  • First of all, Brian brought you all the farm news you can shake a stick at - or at least click and read... [SLGT]
  • ...while also taking a look at the potential draft prospects rated around the Blues spot in the first round. [SLGT]
  • The Rangers forced game 7 against the Penguins by winning game 6 3-1. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • They did so in part thanks to Martin St. Louis scoring a goal on Mother's Day...just days after his own mother passed away. [The Hockey News]
  • Then Those Fuckers Up North downed the Wild last night 2-1 on - stop me if you've heard this one before - a Jonathan Toews game-winning goal in game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead. [The Committed Indian]
  • At 6:30 central, the Bruins look to finish off their arch foes the Canadiens in 6, while later while one of the LAs will look to take a 3-2 series lead in game 5 of the Kings-Ducks matchup at 9. [ 5/12]
  • And speaking of the Kings, have you seen Greg Wyshynski get hit in the face with a pie? Because you should. Like, right now. [Puck Daddy]
  • It seems that spraying guys in the face with your water bottle is the new spearing guys in the nuts with your stick. Probably a better alternative, but Shawn Thornton still got fined for doing it to PK Subban the other day. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Then Henrik Lundqvist decided to jump on board & do it to Sidney Crosby last night. [SBNation NHL]
  • Last Thursday was the fifth anniversary of tornado storm system that hit the southern Illinois region so hard, the National Weather Service referred to it as "an inland hurricane" (which if you'll recall from 4th grade science class, shouldn't be possible). Winds topping 100-mph knocked out power to over 60,000 homes while it rampaged through towns such as Murphysboro, Marion, Carterville, DuQuoin, and even Carbondale, where I was just finishing up my spring semester at SIU. In fact, if I hadn't been up late partying the night before, I would've had my dorm cleaned up and ready to head home that afternoon, which would have put me in the middle of the highway when the storms hit. In other words, my procrastination and my insomnia may have saved my life that day. In any case, take a look at some of the incredible pictures of the storm, the damages it did (ripped off roofs, downed power lines, entirely up-rooted trees, etc.), and the huge efforts from everyone in the region to help with the clean up. [The Southern]
  • Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd are both pretty awesome dudes. And I'm sure if either of them were into you, ladies, you'd feel pretty good, right? What if they were both into you, at the same time? And what if they decided to have their fight over you to be in the form of a game of Trivial Pursuit? Clearly I'm now talking about some inauthentic, contrived rom-com, right? Actually no - that exact thing happened in real life. [UpRoxx]
  • Are you sick and tired of always having to pay for the pizza or sit in the backseat, just because Rock, Paper, Scissors is a random, cruel game? Then use some fucking science to win! [Deadspin]
  • Did You Know?: the woman responsible for creating Mother's Day in the first place would later in her life begin a movement to have the holiday wiped out? [Mental_Floss]

Jon Lajoie is tired of great independent musicians selling out by allowing their music to be in commercials. He doesn't think it's right. HE should be selling out by allowing his music to be in commercials!

Last week, NBC announced they would not be renewing The Little Sitcom That Could, Community, for a 6th season, putting an end to one of the biggest cult TV shows in recent memory. Why should you care? If you watched it then you already do, but if you didn't and you're streets behind, I'll tell you. Not only was it the funniest thing currently of television, but it also was that rare thing in any medium, let alone TV: a work of true post-modern genius.

As far as I know, DK will be back tomorrow. Go ahead and send him your awesome links.

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