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SLGT Postseason Bracket Contest: Round 2 Table

Are you winning the Contest? Probably not, but there's only one way to find out!

"I'm gonna fucking kill your bracket."
"I'm gonna fucking kill your bracket."
Jared Wickerham

Okay, so once again the Western Conference Finals only exist to torture Blues fans. But don't worry - for 3 of you, your suffering will be rewarded with prizes thanks to The First Annual St. Louis Game Time Postseason Bracket Contest That In No Way Infringes Upon Copyright Laws!

A quick refresher: the divisional finals were worth 4 points for a correct pick, but 2 bonus points for the correct series length. A completely perfect bracket through the first 2 rounds would net you 48 points. (No one has 48 points.)

Without further ado, here are the current leaders half way home (again, I used SBN names when applicable, real names other wise):

1. Muneeb A - 29 points

2. Steve-R - 25 points

3. Perreault my boat - 24 points

4. Steve Lane - 23 points

T-5. Bluesgirl22 - 22 points

T-5. STLEdge - 22 points

T-7. Derek Wilhelm - 21 points

T-7. icehammer97 - 21 points

T-9. DanGNR - 20 points

T-9. CanesAndBluesFan - 20 points

T-9. UIWWildthing - 20 points

Some notes & observations thus far:

  • The Bruins falling to Le Blue, Blanc, et Rouge really screwed over a lot of your brackets: 91% of you guys had Boston in the Eastern Finals. Can't say I blame you...and as I mentioned after last round, 77% of brackets had the Bruins winning the East - so some brave souls have a chance to really separate themselves from the pack going into the Cup Finals.
  • Of a similar note, Bluesgirl22 is the only contestant who called the Canadiens and the Rangers in the Eastern Finals. Meanwhile, three people picked a Western Finals between Those Fuckers Up North and Those Assholes Out West: Muneeb A, Steve Lane, and CanesAndBluesFan.
  • There could still be a lot movement yet on these rankings, as the last 2 rounds are worth big points. A correct conference champion pick is 8 points (with 4 bonus points), and picking the right Cup winner in the correct number of games is worth a whopping 24 points!
  • That last point is very good the 5 of you who still have their Cup Champion pick alive. Seriously. In fact, 62% of you had your Stanley Cup winning pick knocked out in the first round (obviously many of those were optimistic Blues fans, but not exclusively).
  • I've made the executive decision to have the 2nd place gift card be $50 to Sports Authority, seeing as A) that's a pretty common national chain which is relevant to the contest, and B) they just opened one close to my work. Any objections/alternate suggestions?
  • Seriously, fuck TFUN & TAOW.