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Beyond Checkerdome: Don't Be A Dick

Episode 43 is ready for your listening pleasure

Brian Elliott:  2 Ls, 2 Ts, 2 points.
Brian Elliott: 2 Ls, 2 Ts, 2 points.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there, boys and girls !! Miss us?

This time around, we talk about the playoff storylines - nutshots, water bottles, and racism. Also, Blues coaching changes, Blues past, present, and future (?),  and we take different sides on the playoff handshake line. All this, and much much more! Unfortunately, the Blues waited for us to record this first, before dropping the Brian Elliott signing news on us.

Have a listen, eh?

For a download link, go HERE

We appreciate you guys listening, and your continued support through the offseason. Stay tuned to us here on Gametime and on twitter, as we'll probably fall into an every-other-week schedule for a while. Also, feel free to send us questions, topics that you'd like to hear, or even hate mail. You can get us via email at BeyondCheckerdome AT Gmail DOT com. On twitter, hit us up at @ByndCheckerdome. Thanks guys!


Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing

PS: here are some videos that we mentioned in the show:


and this is just an awesome glass-breaking money shot. Watch out for cameo appearances by a couple of your favorite current and past Blues players: