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Thursday Links - So the Hawks CAN Lose At Home?

Goalie grades. Beyond Checkerdome. Fuck LA. Fuck Chicago. Habs/Rags Game 3. Doc Emrick soundboard. Power Rankings. Chicago-Style Pizza is a bread bowl. Fuck Pierre McGuire. Ovechkin. Bees. Pot. Concussions. And dachshunds. Click shit!

#CR5WFORD . . . ? Ehhh, I guess. I blow at hashtags.
#CR5WFORD . . . ? Ehhh, I guess. I blow at hashtags.
Tasos Katopodis

Remember, votes count twice today for the T.J. Oshie vs. Patrice Bergeron hashtag contest. If you're into that sort of thing . . . which I'm not.

Also, Fuck Detroit.


  • The staff graded goalies. A lot of us did our grading before the Brian Elliott signing, and it showed . . . but seriously, Google Docs can bite my fucking ass, or else mine would've been fixed. [SLGT]
  • Episode 43 of Beyond Checkerdome went up yesterday. We have a simple message . . . don't be a dick. Also, I'm not a fan of cover votes or handshakes. [SLGT]


  • Fuck Los Angeles. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • Haha. Fuck Chicago. [The Committed Indian]
  • Game 3 between the Canadiens and Rangers happens at Madison Square Garden tonight. Getcha popcorn ready. [ 05/22/14]
  • Tim Burke of Deadspin created a Doc Emrick soundboard. He should be granted sainthood for this, in every religion known to man. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Deadspin]
  • Ryan Lambert's Power Rankings takes on things again. The Ryan Miller trade was one of them, and it appears he agrees with Doug Armstrong . . . kinda, and in hindsight. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Kings' Twitter account is a bit of a troll. But they may have gotten this one right. Chicago-style pizza, technically speaking, is NOT pizza. It's a fucking bread bowl. A damn GOOD bread bowl, but alas. [SB Nation]
  • The Penguins aren't going to do it, but Wysh still lays out the argument for Pierre McGuire to be a GM somewhere. Though, I mean, Pittsburgh would've been the perfect landing spot, but whatever. GET HIM AND HIS "THIS GUY PLAYED JUNIOR AT __________" OFF MY FUCKING TELEVISION SCREEN. [Puck Daddy]
  • All the major European League (except for the KHL, weirdly) did a draw for their Champions Hockey League. Here were the results. [IIHF Worlds 2014]
  • Alex Ovechkin practiced for the first time since his injury. Which he says was not a knee problem. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]


  • "Are you smoking marijuana while operating this motor vehicle?" "Why, yes I am, officer." [Y! / AP]
  • So hockey's not the only winter sport with a concussion problem. The NBA has one too, apparently. [SB Nation]


This interaction between a dachshund pup and a crab on the beach is just fucking adorable, man:

Badger dogs are the greatest.

That'll do it for me. J-Mill has your weekend. Hit him up with links, videos and the like: