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Friday Links: Screw Afro Gator

Two different Team USAs made two very different mistakes yesterday. Plus, the Blues are in no hurry to do things that maybe perhaps they should be in a tad more hurry to do.

Henrik Lundqvist, reacting to Landon Donovan being cut from the US World Cup squad.
Henrik Lundqvist, reacting to Landon Donovan being cut from the US World Cup squad.
Al Bello

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  • In yesterday's Loser's Bracket quarterfinals, Vladimir Sobotka got rocked in the skull by a charging Justin Abdelkader, captaining the USA against the Czech Republic. The Afro Gator earned himself a major & a game misconduct, and likely an IIHF suspension of some kind. But don't worry about any club-vs-country conflicted emotions, because the US lost 4-3. So Fuck Detroit all you want. [Puck Daddy]
  • Closer to home, Brian Elliott, extension in hand and Halak & Miller out the door, is happy to have a "fair fight" in goal at last. [STLToday]
  • As for who'll be coaching Jake & Ell-wood, the Blues are not rushing into hiring anyone just yet. [STLToday]
  • Speaking of not rushing into anything...looks like we're in for another long summer of pointless RFA contract negotiations. Because if there's one thing that's been the constant for the Blues franchise since the beginning, it's an inability to learn from the past. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Russian-American Canadien Alex Galchenyuk scored in overtime to lead the Habs over the Rangers 3-2 to make the series  2 games to 1. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • The Broadway point of view was less happy, especially after the excited tease of Chris Kreider 's late game tying goal with :29 left. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • There's no game in either series tonight so you don't have to subject yourself to TFUN or TAOW. Which means we get [24 Hours of Happy]
  • A couple "incidents" occurred last night...and as a result Brandon Prust and Daniel Carcillo could potentially both see supplemental discipline, especially Carcillo, whose offenses could violate Rule 40 - Physical Abuse of Officials. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Elsewhere, Buffalo Sabres legend former Blues netminder Jaroslav Halak inked himself a 4-year $18 million deal with the Islanders. Good for Jaro - and getting to play the Habs more often should be nothing but good for him. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • The NHL has been named the League of the Year by the Sports Business Awards, as well as the Winter Classic being named Event of the Year and Gary Bettman winning Executive of the Year. Just in case you thought any of that meant shit. [Sports Business Daily]
  • The Indiana Ice, who counts American Hero John Carlson among their alumni, won the USHL title on Tuesday night...then on Wednesday, ceased operation. [The Hockey News]
  • The 23-man roster the United States will take to Brazil for the World Cup was announced yesterday, and the big news: Landon Donovan, arguably the greatest soccer player America has ever produced, and the scorer of more World Cup goals than Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney combined, will be staying home. [The Yanks Are Coming]
  • Also of note, Chaminade and SLU grad Brad Davis will also be representing his country, continuing the long tradition of St. Louisans in the biggest team sporting event on Earth. [STLToday]
  • Local hipsters rejoice: the landmark record store on the Delmar Loop, Vintage Vinyl, has been named one of the top 10 record stores in the US. [Riverfront Times]
  • Fun fact: Illinois googles "racist jokes" more than any other state. Don't feel too full of yourselves though, Missourians, as MO googles "Family Circus" more than any other state, which is in a lot of way worse. Check out the rest of the map. Sticktap to Vilhelm. [estately]

To honor what is likely the end of Landon Donovan's career for the national team, we take a look back at easily the biggest of his 57 international goals, a moment that will live on in American sports fans' memories for years.

Fun story: I was in rehearsals for a show that morning, so I wasn't able to watch the game live. Instead, I successfully shut myself off from the internet, my phone, even TV for the entirety of that day until the 5:00 replay on ESPN 2 that night. I muted the TV at halftime in case a commercial spoiled the outcome, I even put duct tape on the bottom of the screen in case they ran the bottom line ticker and it showed the final score! My reaction may have been 8 hours delayed, but it was every bit as joyous as Landon's.

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Enjoy this Chicago/LA-less Friday. I know I will!