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Friday Links: Raphael's Sais

I was right, Adam Proteau says something stupid, a local kid is the 3rd best speller in America, & Ninja Turtles.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

See guys? I know a thing or two about this "ice hockey" thing!

...What's that? NO! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!


  • Our boy T.J. Oshie decided to make an honest woman out of Lauren before he left for Sochi - how did he Pop the Question? In the Oshie-est way possible, of course. [Frozen Notes]
  • Meh, not Blues news, but close enough: the Southern Illinois Ice Hawks are a pee-wee team that's a mish-mash of several other pee-wee teams in the region, most of which had losing records this year. They traveled up to Chicago earlier this month to enter a youth hockey tournament...and won the whole damn thing! 618 represent! [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • As I told you guys a month ago (actually, as far back as January, but I couldn't find that particular tweet), the New York Rangers are your 2014 Eastern Conference Champions, thanks to a 1-0 game 6 win over the Canadiens. It's their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance in exactly 20 years, when...something happened, but no one remembers what because no one ever talks about the 1994 Stanley Cup at all. God, I wish someone would tell everyone what the Rangers did in '94! [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Oh, what might have been with a healthy Carey Price... [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • Oh, and in case you care about stupid shit, no the Rangers did not touch the Prince of Wales Trophy. The semi-interesting part, however: the Rangers don't have a captain. [Puck Daddy]
  • The good news? Patrick Kane could cry tonight! The bad news? Dustin Brown could smile tonight, too. Or worse yet, the opposite could happen and we'll have to go through this whole clusterfuck again on Sunday. [ 5/30]
  • Earlier this week, Friend of Game Time Megalodon announced his plans to leave the country in shame retire from Battle of California. Hop on over there and pay your respects - and by "pay your respects" I mean "remind him how the Sharks are the reason we still have to look at Jeff Carter's smug ass-for-a-face." [Battle of Cali]
  • Speaking of the Sharkiest Sharks who ever it so ridiculous to think that Joe Thornton's days in San Jose could be numbered? maybe not. All I'm saying is that signing Paul Stastny would be nice, buuuuuuuttt... [CSN Bay Area]
  • I usually don't link you guys stupid shit (well, not intentionally, anyway), but Adam Proteau - a writer I actually like more often than not - seems to think that Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals would both benefit from Alexander the Gr8 jumping ship back to the KHL. I'm not sure I've read a stupider piece since I became a link rat, but I'm posting it because it's an interesting idea. An interesting idea which is completely and utterly wrong in every way, but interesting nonetheless. [The Hockey News]
  • The NHL on NBC haven't been great at picking music for their promos (either that or they just had enough mupps to burn), but they've knocked it out of the park with their Stanley Cup Finals promos. How are there not more David Bowie-fueled hockey commercials? [Awful Announcing]
  • The University of Michigan (assholes) and THE............Ohio State University (douchebags) have found themselves in a recruiting battle for one of the best high school players in the country, as they so often do. So to try to get an edge over their rivals, they BOTH sent the kid photoshopped magazine covers with him on it...and in a brave example of how much academics means to both institutions of higher learning, they BOTH misspelled words on their covers. [SBNation Look It]
  • The Scripps National Spelling Bee finals took place yesterday, with Chesterfield's Gokul Venkatachalam, 13 finishing 3rd. [STL Today]
  • As for the only two better spellers in America than our local hero, they ended all even and the finals were called a tie followed by a shootout. [SBNation Look It]
  • HEAR YE, HEAR YE! These Official Rules of Calling "Shotgun" shall now be enacting into official law! Failure to comply shall warrant immediate suspension of music privileges and indefinite exile to the back seat. [Distractify]

Montreal's Dale Weise missed last night's game 6 after getting illegally checked to the head by New Yorks' John Moore. The official reason he missed out last night, however? A "body injury." Not upper body injury or lower body injury (which are both bullshit terms that are already next to meaningless), just "body injury."

Well, if Weise is still suffering from his "body injury," perhaps he could use a "body massage?"


DK has been bringing you Men at Arms videos the last few days - and who the hell am I to get in the way of a week-long theme? Here he is forging the sais of Raphael - of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fame!

Awesome - I want thr-errr...six, I guess?

Uuuuhhhhh...okay, since I have no self control to bring up TNMT and not post this video, I guess you guys get three today. God, I'm such a Michelangelo! (Actually, I wish I were Michelangelo. Really I'm Donatello.)

Don't be a Raphael, ya' dick - share some links or videos with us all!

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  • @JMill1120

Will there be more to check out here today on St. Louis Game Time? ...well, probably not...but maybe. Check back & find out!