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Wednesday Links - Minnesota's So Dead, You Guys!

Actually, they may be, but they won a game. And other links and stuff and things. Including . . . JURASSIC CATS.

These guys did pretty well in the third period last night.
These guys did pretty well in the third period last night.
Hannah Foslien

Winning the first two games at home in a series . . . it is so, SO vital. Just ask the Colorado Avalanche(s), San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues, man. IT'S, LIKE, INCREDIBLY FUCKING CRUCIAL, YOU GUYS.




  • The Canadiens took Game 3 at Centre Bell to nab a 2-1 series lead over their archrivals, the Bruins . . . but I think everyone has the sense that the Habs don't have the series TOO much in hand. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • Maybe I should post Ilya Bryzgalov stuff more often in links. He picked up a 19-save shutout in a 4-0 Wild(s) victory over the Blackhawks in a game that was scoreless through 40. THE WILD(S) ARE SO DEAD, YOU GUYS. (Actually, yeah, they still might be, but whatever, they took one. And Fuck Chicago.) [Star-Tribune]
  • One game tonight . . . Penguins at Rangers, in what will be the Rags' fifth PLAYOFF game in eight nights. Yes, I find that to be incredibly ri-Goddamn-diculous, and I'm a fan of a team that played eight games in 13 days to finish the fucking season. [ 05/07/14]
  • Not a damn clue why I forgot to link this yesterday, but . . . the Hurricanes fired Kirk Muller on Monday, and the team's new GM--Ron Francis, if you don't recall--will start over with someone new. [News & Observer]
  • Meanwhile, new beginnings are ahead in NashVegas, as the Predators tabbed Peter Laviolette to be their new head coach. [Predators]
  • Speaking of coaches . . . the Jack Adams will go to Patrick Roy, while Jon Cooper and Mike Babcock tell people they were up for the award too. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kerry Fraser tells us, among other things, that the famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) "Flying V" play from The Mighty Ducks was . . . onside, contrary to popular belief. [TSN / BarDown]


  • Dodger Stadium is one of the most perfect structures in baseball. But it took a lot of hard work to make it a reality over 50 years ago. Some of these photos are just magnificent. [Gizmodo / Southland]
  • Dude crashes plane and left the crash unhurt. But that may not be the weirdest thing here. I mean, this is fucking creepy, right? [Y! / Reuters]
  • It's safe to say NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is . . . not a very well-liked person. His Twitter chat yesterday pretty much confirmed that. (Hell, I technically participated. I don't care for him either.) [Deadspin]


Imagine Jurassic Park, except with house cats. Well, imagine no more. It's . . . JURASSIC CATS. (S/T to Kate):


Links? Videos? Other stupid shit? I'm all ears:

And be sure to check out Beyond Checkerdome Episode 42 later. And yes, be sure to get THIS one, because we're about to embark on our summer schedule.