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St. Louis Game Time Postseason Bracket Contest: Round 1 Recap

Ok, so the Blues ruined our collective mental well-being again this year - but YOU can still be a champion!

Someone help this photographer - he's trapped in the net!
Someone help this photographer - he's trapped in the net!
Bruce Bennett

The First Annual St. Louis Game Time Postseason Bracket Contest That In No Way Infringes Upon Copyright LawsTM is off to a much better start than the Blues postseason hopes. In that it still exists.

Goddamnit. Now I'm sad again.

A quick reminder: in the first round, a correct pick gains you 2 points, with a bonus point awarded for a correct prediction of series length. For example, if you had corrected taken the Canadiens to beat the Lightning in a 4 game sweep (note: not one contestant did), that would be worth 3 points. A perfect first round would be worth 24 points, which means you people suck donkey balls.

Anyway, here's the current top 10 after the divisional semifinal round (if you gave me your SBN name, I used that; if you would rather I use that than your real name, kindly let me know):

T-1st. Childhood Trauma - 17 points

T-1st. icehammer97 - 17 points

3rd. DanGNR - 16 points

T-4th. RealBadRobot - 15 points

T-4th. Steve-R - 15 points

T-4th. Muneeb A - 15 points

T-7th. Mike Moraxian - 14 points

T-7th. Jonathan Franke - 14 points

T-7th. Perreault my boat - 14 points


T-7th. Bluesgirl22 - 14 points

T-7th. UIWWildthing - 14 points

A few odds & ends about your predictions, Brad Lee-style - lock & load, it's bullet time:

  • First of all, upon better counting, it turns out we were a tad short of the goal for number of entrees for the NHL jersey, but since I'm such a nice guy, the first place winner will still get the sweater anyway. 2nd place is still $50 gift card, but I'm still not sure to where. Feel free to put suggestions below. And 3rd place is you're fired the T-shirt.
  • As I mentioned above, not a single one of you guys saw the Habs sweep coming. Inversely, the most common correct pick (including bonus point) was the Bruins downing the Red Wings in 5 - a whopping 44% of you called that one, with only 2 people picking the Wings to win at all. Fuck Detroit indeed.
  • Speaking of the Bruins, 77% of you picked Boston to win the East. I know they're the only team in the East worth a damn, but get creative, people!
  • I bet the 48% of you who took the Sharks over the Kings were feeling pretty good about that for a while.
  • For a team who everyone and their mother knew were a sham and were doomed in the playoffs, surprisingly few of you had the stones to pick the Avalanche to fall to Minnesota in round one: only 19%.
  • As the early entrees rolled in, I tweeted that it seemed Blues fans either had no faith in their team or were riding them all the way. In the final numbers, 75% of the brackets submitted either had the Blues winning The Stanley Cup or losing in the first round. I know we have a few members of other SBN hockey communities who entered, but I'd say that pretty perfectly captures the psyche of the St. Louis Blues fanbase.
One of the holdups was trying to get everyone's selections into a single spreadsheet, which proved more time consuming than I remembered. But fortunately, now that that's set, your round two recap will be up in a much more timely fashion after the end of the divisional finals. As for next year's spreadsheet, I am currently taking applications for unpaid internships as my personal assistant. Huge plus if you're willing to change litter boxes.