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Tuesday Links - That Old Slang

Goaltenders. Logos. Hockey stick canes. Fuck LA. Perds booth changes. Bozon skates. Widen the trapezoid?! Kevin Miller owes money. Palat extended. Worst sportswriter in America. 100 year old does yardwork. TFiOS. Hobbit briefing. And DAT OLD SLANG.

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And I thought I was ugly.
And I thought I was ugly.
Bruce Bennett

So the inevitable is one game away.

At least it appears I can use my laptop again. Kinda. So . . . uhhhh, yay to that.

Anyway . . . LINKS!


  • How did Blues goaltenders do this year compared to the rest of the league? CanesAndBluesFan takes a look at that. [SLGT]
  • Normally something from mental_floss wouldn't end up here, but . . . check out Number 25 on this "25 Things Hiding in Sports Logos". And color me further intrigued about the design of the Blue Note. [mental_floss]
  • Not EXACTLY Blues-related, but close enough . . . a Highland, IL wounded soldier takes hockey sticks, makes them into canes and gives them to veterans in need. This is awesome. [KSDK]


  • We're one game away from the Kings being the Stanley Cup Champions again. Fuck Los Angeles. [Jewels from the Crown]
  • The Rangers . . . well, I mean, they're lucky to be in this position, aren't they? Meh. Game Four is on Wednesday. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • This was posted before Game Three. Can the Rangers do anything to stop the Kings? Yeah, the answer is "no", though Ryan Lambert didn't TOTALLY confirm that in his weekly What We Learned piece. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Predators broadcast booth and analyst desk will get a shake-up, as Original Blue (yes, look this up) Terry Crisp will not travel with the team and will be on the panel and Stu Grimson will move from the desk to being by Pete Weber's side as color on the broadcasts. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [The Tennesseean]
  • GREAT news (and this was going around last week, but is . . . well, GREAT news) . . . Canadiens prospect (and son of former Blues forward Phillipe Bozon) Tim Bozon is skating, just a few months after the meningitis scare that nearly killed him. [Y! / Buzzing the Net]
  • The NHL's Competition Committee recommended some rule changes and tweaks. Among them? Not eliminating the trapezoid, but widening it. Ummmm, why not just eliminate the fucking thing? Jeebus. [Puck Daddy]
  • Former Blues forward (though, uhhh, they kinda focus on his Red Wings career here) Kevin Miller (oh yeah, he's a cousin of Ryan Miller, too) has been ordered by a Swiss judge to pay $1.1MM to an insurance company because of a bad hit Miller delivered when he was in the Swiss league. Boy, it's been a shitty offseason already for the Miller family. [MLive]
  • Lightning(s) forward and Calder Trophy finalist (though there isn't a way in fucking hell he's winning) Ondrej Palat have agreed to a three-year extension. Sometimes, those late-round picks find a bit of magic. [Lightning(s)]
  • Speaking of things named for Frank Calder . . . the St. John's IceCaps (the AHL club of the Jets) won 2-1 over the Texas Stars to even the Calder Cup Final as the series shifts to Newfoundland for Games Three, Four and Five. [The AHL]


  • This sportswriter was fired for calling Lafayette, LA the "Worst Place in America". Well, yeah. Because the correct answer to that question is "Detroit, MI". [Deadspin]
  • "Well, now your back is gonna hurt, Grandma, because you just pulled landscaping duty." [Y! / AP]
  • The Fault in Our Stars did pretty fucking good at the box office this weekend. As it should have. (S/T to RealBadRobot . . . yeah, the nickname-creator isn't working right now, sorry.) [BuzzFeed]
  • And everybody hates John Green (more from him later) now that they've seen The Fault in Our Stars, an adaptation of his book. (S/T again to RBR) [BuzzFeed]


First, an unexpected flight briefing from Air New Zealand. Hobbit-style, bitches. (S/T to Kate):

That sure is something.

Next, John Green tells us of 83 old slang terms we should really start using again. I especially agree with the drinking ones:


So there are links, videos and other shit out there that can be sent, and you can send them here: