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Saturday Links: Sweet Release at Last!

The Kings put us all out of our misery, the Cats keep looking for a coach, the Dutch dominate, and an end of an era up North.

If I could just crop out all of the black, this would be beautiful...
If I could just crop out all of the black, this would be beautiful...
Noel Vasquez

The name Alec Martinez is about to become as insufferable to me as David Freese is to non-Cardinal fans.

Speaking of "insufferable," be sure to vote in the poll below!


  • Fuck it, here you go - IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!?!? THOSE ASSHOLES OUT WEST WON, OKAY??? [Jewels from the Crown]
  • Rangers fans - at least those at BSB - seem to have taken the defeat with a resigned acceptance, as well as appreciation for their team's accomplishments. More power to them. Because trust me, I'm filled with enough bitter distaste in my mouth for all of Manhattan. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • The Conn Smythe winner is Justin Williams, which pretty much proves that even hockey writers now have a basic comprehension of the #FancyStats. Plus that whole "being clutch in game 7s" thing, if you're into that. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Prior to the game, Dunn wrote up an in-depth expose on Phil Pritchard, aka, The Keeper of The Cup. [Battle of California]
  • Lambert's Trending Topics from yesterday was on how goalie stats are currently impossible to be entirely accurate, and how Even Strength Save% has become the single go-to goalie stat, not because it's the best so much as it's the least shitty. [Puck Daddy]
  • Elsewhere in the NHL, the Florida Panthers have reportedly narrowed down their list of coaching candidates to five names. And it isn't just "Dan Bylsma" written five times, either. []
  • Should the Minnesota Wild acquire P.K. Subban? It sounds like the Wild owners suddenly made all that money that they claimed to not have during the lockout back now, huh? [Hockey Wilderness]

With the end of the hockey season of course comes the post-season in review montages, which are always fantastic. This year, however, CBC's is bittersweet, as last night's Kings victory brought an end to over 50 years of Hockey Night in Canada on CBC. Still, Tim Thompson brought out the big guns. Here's hoping Rogers brings him over next season and we keep getting these!

Remember the Soccer Beagle I told you to look up yesterday? Don't worry, I've still got you guys covered!

When I'm Ruler of the Universe, every pro athlete will be required to celebrate big plays by walking on their hands. IT IS DECIDED!

Obviously the World Cup is a big damn deal, but I promise I'm not trying to only give soccer links - send me something else & I post the shit out of it!

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