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Sunday Links: Okay...So Now What?

Habs extension, burying GMs alive & a Mile High Winter Classic? Oh, and remember Netscape Navigator?

Costa Ricans are already expecting celebratory babies after yesterday's win.
Costa Ricans are already expecting celebratory babies after yesterday's win.
Michael Steele

So, we've now reached one of the awkward periods of the hockey calendar. The Kings have wrapped up the Cup, yet we're still a week and a half away from the NHL Awards show & two weeks until the draft.

  • LA's Cup parade will be tomorrow. I hope it rains. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • In today's NHL, the Kings have provided the blueprint for building a championship team without sucking for a decade straight & lucking into 2 Once-In-A-Generation talents. The good news: the Blues are built on a very similar blueprint...we're just missing those pesky "difference makers." ...stupid differences and the people who make them... [SBNation NHL]
  • Canadiens head coach Michel Therrian has been extended for 4 more years, until 2019. If he survives the life of that contract, I will eat a bowl of melted crayons on a live YouTube feed. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • Looks like the Colorado Avalanche will be hosting an outdoor game at Not-Mile High Stadium Coors Field. Unfortunately, it looks like it probably won't happen until the 2015-16 season...but you could be looking at the early stages of the Blues' outdoor debut. It might yet even be the 2016 Winter Classic! [Puck Drunk Love]
  • The Arizona Sundogs, the Central Hockey League affiliate of the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes, are hoping to sell 300 new season tickets for next year. But no biggie if they don't - they'll just bury their owner & GM alive. [FS-Arizona]
  • Down in Brazil, yesterday's quadruple header was brilliant, entertaining soccer for nearly 11 hours! Columbia thrashed Greece 3-0, then Costa Rica pulled a shocking upset over the reigning South American Champions Uruguay 3-1. Italy topped England 2-1 in the marquee fixture, and the Ivory Coast came from behind to beat Japan 2-1. Learn more about Costa Rica's huge upset and what it means for this tournament and potentially beyond. [SBNation Soccer]
  • Today's biggest match-up sees one of the World Cup favorites (and my personal pick to win it all) Argentina against St. Louis' 2nd favorite team, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Gearing up for the game, thousands of Argentine fans took over Copacabana beach, some even calling it "Argentinian Woodstock." The two earlier games today are Switzerland-Ecuador and Honduras-France. [Soccerly]
  • Wearing pants sucks, right? I think we can all agree (I may or may not be pants-less as I type this, you don't know). So when did humans first decide to make pants a thing? Well, archaeologists have recently unearthed the oldest pair of trousers known in existence, and they may shed some light on why we started in the first place. Science Saturday on a Sunday? You betchya! [Mental_Floss]

The only thing funnier than looking back on really old technology and laughing while I watch more Netflix on my watching kids today learn just how good they have it. Oh the 1990s...

The United States doesn't being their World Cup campaign until tomorrow against Ghana (5:00 central time - come down to Amsterdam Tavern on Morganford and get there plenty early!), but I couldn't leave you for the week without properly preparing you with sufficient hype-age!

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That "other" article I teased for you the other day? That'll be up on Monday, as will the final standings & the winners of the St. Louis Game Time Postseason Bracket Contest! Hold on to your butts!

As for today, Brian will stop by to give you updates from the St. Louis Game Time Prospects Department as we enter the home stretch leading up to the draft. Check it out, because you won't find better Blues draft coverage anywhere on planet Earth!