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Monday Links - The Rise of 'Merica Begins Today?

Compliance buyouts. Prospect Sunday. Odds. Thomas Vanek. No dynasty. 'Merica, plus a flood. Jermaine Jones. Deposit boxes. America High School. 1984. GOAL GOAL USA. FIFA is an asshole. And TechnoRollins. Make it a great Monday.

German? Fuck no. 'Merican.
German? Fuck no. 'Merican.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A belated Happy Father's Day to all the fathers of St. Louis Game Time and its' extended family.


  • Not particularly Blues news, but CanesAndBluesFan takes a look at each team's situation with compliance buyouts and finds the Blues one of a very few teams not particularly in need of one . . . and our key rival in a world of shit as far as the salary cap is concerned. [SLGT]
  • Prospect Sunday! Brian, who joined us on the recording of Beyond Checkerdome yesterday, takes a look at the local products of this year's NHL Entry Draft in this week's edition of "The '14 File". BelleVegas, represent! He also profiles a couple Finnish defensemen, as that's the direction the Blues have trended lately in the draft. [SLGT]
  • Speaking of Vegas, they have the Blues at 10/1 to win the Stanley Cup next year. The easy money? The Blackhawks, at 15/2. Also, apparently Vegas hasn't paid a Goddamn bit of attention to the Penguins this offseason. Jesus H. Fuck. Meanwhile, if I had money burning a hole in my pocket, I'd put it on the Flames at 66/1. Because shit, why not? [Puck Daddy]


  • So hey, if the Wild(s) don't want Thomas Vanek, I'll take him. [Star-Tribune]
  • Two Cups in three years does not a dynasty make, says Harrison Mooney regarding the Kings . . . and I agree, and so should everyone else. [Puck Daddy]


  • The United States starts their World Cup adventure today with a match against Ghana, the squad that knocked them out in extra time in 2010 in South Africa, in group play in Natal today. And apparently, there's a flood alert in Natal the night ahead of the match. THEY'RE CALLED "SPAIN'S TEARS"!!!! [Stars and Stripes FC]
  • This story had me in tears when I read it. Here's the story of Jermaine Jones, a German import but American by ancestry, and when he first met his father six years ago. A great Father's Day piece, if you ask me, despite the circumstances. (S/T to J-Mill, whose long-awaited piece on soccer/hockey matters is supposedly coming today, so stay tuned) [ESPN FC]


  • Speaking of Father's Day . . . a guy who lost his father in pretty much the same fashion I lost mine (and at about the same age, mind you) later found out his father left him a safe deposit box in Vegas. And wrote about it. It is awesome. And again, I was in tears. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Hello Giggles]
  • The 50 states of America . . . if they were high school kids. Illinois is right on. As is Montana. But my favorite might be Missouri (though most of YOU may not like it). [tickld]
  • Remember 1984? If you don't, no worries . . . mental_floss remembers. 30 things that turned (or will turn) 30 this year. [mental_floss]


A special TRIPLE VIDEO edition of the links! ("WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!")

First . . . excuse the poor audio and video quality of this, but . . . here's the defining moment of Team USA's appearance in the 2010 World Cup, to possibly get you hyped up for tonight's match:

I don't care if Landon Donovan isn't on this year's squad . . . he's a Goddamn hero and patriot.

Next . . . John Oliver shits all over FIFA, and it's pretty well-deserved. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise . . . and dig in, it's a long one):

That's some good hatin' right there.

And finally . . . Henry Rollins gets his spoken word remixed with the Technoviking. Yes, the REAL Technoviking, not this one. (S/T to Childhood Trauma):


I'm done for the day. Go 'Merica. And send links, videos and such:

And as mentioned earlier, Episode 45 of Beyond Checkerdome was recorded yesterday, we had our Prospects Department on with us and the pod will be yours later this week. Join us!