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Friday Links: Luis Suarez is a Terrible, Despicable "Human"

Click links today, ladies & gents!

Above: Luis Suarez asking his waiter for some BBQ sauce to dip his coach in.
Above: Luis Suarez asking his waiter for some BBQ sauce to dip his coach in.
Matthias Hangst

Some of you have (quite rightly) been asking about the results of the SLGT Postseason Bracket Contest. I told you I'd have it up last weekend, but the past week has been insane for me, mostly for family reasons and not the World Cup (but also the World Cup). However, I WILL HAVE THE FINAL STANDINGS UP TOMORROW!!! Winners shall be notified and whatnot or whatever.

Alrighty then...links?


  • What should every Conference III team be looking for this offseason? Well, we all know what the Blues need...but CCR gets to hear the sound of a tapping stick anyway. [The Score]
  • Speaking of Blues needs, what did Senators GM Bryan Murray have to say on Jason Spezza? Man, if only there were some way you could find out by merely hitting a button one time - oh wait, there is a way and it's this. [Silver Seven Sens]
  • The Full Official Order of next weekend's NHL Draft was finalized yesterday. The Blues first pick is at 21. Check out where it goes from there. []
  • On Monday, the Hockey Hall of Fame selection committee will get together to discuss this year's new inductees. Two new slam dunks are Dominik Hasek & Peter Forsberg, aka, The Dominator & The Postage Stamp. Also up for the first time this year: all-time leading American scorer Mike Modano. [The Hockey News]
  • Detroit assistant coach Bill Peters has been hired as the new head coach of the Carolina Hurricanes. He says he wants to bring the "Red Wings feel" to Raleigh. Sounds doable - they've already got the half-empty building! [Puck Daddy]
  • Childhood Trauma passes along this rumor from deep in the heart of Texas - could the Stars be looking to trade Kari Lehtonen to make way for signing...Ryan Miller? [Defending Big D]
  • Speaking of the Stars, Rich Peverley is rehabbing the best he can to at some point find his way back on to NHL ice. He'll also be presenting at Tuesday's NHL Awards, which you will stand and applaud for, as will I. [Dallas Morning News]
  • The marquee match up in Brazil yesterday saw England fall 2-1, having their light nearly extinguished by Uruguay, thanks to 2 goals by the unremorseful cheater/noted racist/probable cannibal Luis Suarez.  Seriously, Luis Suarez makes Patrick Kane look like Martin Luther King. The Three Lions are technically still alive, but they'll need quite a bit of help from the Italians. [Three Lions Roar]
  • The most entertaining game of the day however saw Columbia seal their place in the next round with a 2-1 over the Ivory Coast. So what did they do? They danced like Shakira, of course! (Oh, and a 10-man Greece held Japan 0-0, but the less said about that game, the better.) [SBNation LookIt]
  • Today's games don't seem as sexy at first glance, but we'll get to see if CONCACAF underdogs Costa Rica can pull off another upset over Italy and Andrea Pirlo - who is without a doubt the Teemu Selanne of soccer, if Teemu only wore fine suits, had the sexiest beard known to mankind, & drank the world's best wine like it was water. Also, don't sleep on Switzerland vs France...though you might be okay sleeping on Honduras vs Ecuador. [SBNation World Cup Matchday 9]
  • In American news, Jozy Altidore has officially been ruled out for the Portugal match on Sunday with a "strained left hamstring," but might yet be available again in this tournament. []
  • We've all done the mentos & diet coke thing in our day...but this is next level shit! (Another sticktap to CrossCheckRaise!) [Gawker]
  • You know those movies that you always stop and watch where they're on cable, even if you've seen it hundreds of times? For me, that's always Jumanji. Now, you can own a handmade replica of the full game board in the film...if you dare... This thing honestly looks more detailed than the actual one in the movie! In the jungle you must wait... [Nerdist]
  • Yesterday morning, the US Trademark Office officially cancelled 6 registered trademarks held by Dan Snyder & the NFL over the name of the football team in Washington, D.C. But is that enough to force a change? And what else does it mean? Some Big City Lawyer what with his fancy book learning and such explains. (But seriously, an actual unbiased lawyer lays out exactly what is going on.) [SBNation]

You already know Clint Dempsey is a badass on the pitch...but did you know that he's also an aspiring rapper, too? He's even dropping a new album during the fucking World Cup - how balla is that? To celebrate, he's Deuce dropping rhymes The American Way!

Obviously the World Cup is a time to come together as a nation, but that doesn't mean we can't still try and settle that one question that fiercely divides all of America it two: who'd win in a fight - George Washington or Abe Lincoln?


They want to start bringing back shows that aren't that old? I want more goddamn Celebrity Deathmatch!

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Happy Friday, ya'll!