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Blues Release 2014 Preseason Schedule

Hope everyone's ready for a cross-state road trip, as the Blues and Stars meet up in KC at the end of September.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues get seven pre-season games this year against three very familiar opponents. Dallas, Columbus, and Minnesota will each get their turn to square off against the Blues at home and at Scottrade. The Sprint Center in Kansas City will be Scottrade's body double for the match-up on September 27th.

There is one team who will only be visiting Scottrade, and who the Blues will not travel to, and that's the Carolina Hurricanes. Playing them at home gives the Blues three official home games at Scottrade and three road games, as well as an Eastern Conference opponent.

Meaningless hockey is only three months away!

Here is the complete schedule, from the Blues' official site: