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Saturday Links: Loco Por Los Ticos

Compliance Buyouts, fake hockey, more World Cup upsets, bear bjs, & Bill Nye rapping.

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Like I promised, the winners of the Bracket Contest will be announced later today. Try not to die from the anticipation.

Also before anyone says anything, I'm going to assume that the title of this post is not written in correct Spanish. I barely passed first semester Spanish.


  • The Blues released their pre-season schedule, which includes a game in Kansas City. Fake hockey is still hockey, right? (Mostly not, no.) [SLGT]
  • As part of SBN's coverage leading up to next weekend's NHL draft, the SBN mock draft is under way. With the 21st selection in the first round Brian selected on SLGT's behalf the Swedish forward Adrian Kempe. [SLGT]
  • I really do enjoy Bernie Miklasz, but his Saturday section get led off by the most obvious thesis on the Blues you could possibly make: we must score more. Still, it's June and there's not much else to post. [STLToday]
  • The New York Rangers have bought out Brad Richards. You know, with all of these very good center options on the table (Richards, Paul Stastny, Ryan Kesler, Jason Spezza, possibly Joe Thornton, etc.), maybe we won't end up having to overpay out the ass for one. (...or two? :-D!) [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Willie Desjardins, who just finished winning the Calder Cup with the Texas Stars, was heavily pursued for both Pittsburgh's and Vancouver's head coaching vacancy. It seems he's chosen to head north and lead the Canucks to 5th place in the Pacific division. [Pass It to Bulis]
  • Should the Avs simply let Paul Stastny walk & enter free agency? Yes. Yes they should. [The Denver Post]
  • It seems that the 2015 Winter Classic in Washington, D.C. (or wherever the stadium they eventually play it in actually is) will feature the Washington Capitals against the...Chicago Blackhawks? Are you fucking kidding me? Good goddamn... [SBNation NHL]
  • In news that will be sure to send shock waves through the entire world of Eureka, Missouri, our old pal Cam Janssen re-signed with the Devils on a two-way deal. [Fire & Ice]
  • How bad are the defensemen in Edmonton? They sought after and have been allowed the right to negotiate with Nikita Nikitin leading up to a possible trade. And they're presumably excited about that fact. [Puck Daddy]
  • Also on the Puck Father...JERSEY FOULS, BITCHES!!! [Puck Daddy]
  • Fuck Detroit, but this is without a doubt the best use of an official NHL twitter account ever. Sticktap to RealBadRobot, though I was never not going to post this one: [SBNation NHL]
  • Down in Brazil yesterday, HOLY SHIT Costa Rica continued their remarkable run with a monumental 1-0 upset of Italy. Los Ticos, the presumed also-rans in a group with 3 former World Champions, have clinched their spot in the knockout round with 2 victories (prior to this year, they had only won 3 games at the World Cup in their history). The Azzurri loss also officially eliminated England. CONCACAF REPRESENT, BABY!!! [ESPN FC]
  • Elsewhere, France clinically dominated Switzerland before allowing 5-2, with both Swiss tallys in garbage time and only allowed out of pity. The Ecuador outlasted Honduras 2-1. [FRAvsSUIECUvsHON]
  • While the match today that affects the Yanks is German vs Ghana (a German victory would mean the US could clinch with a win and almost assuredly move on with a tie against Portugal tomorrow), the biggest match for many St. Louisans is Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina. The prevailing thought is that Bosnia's first World Cup appearance has galvanized the war-torn nation behind a common team...but SBNation's Kirsten Schlewitz visited the country herself to see just how true that really is. Fantastic piece to keep things in perspective. (Oh, and we'll find out just how lopsided a game can be when Argentina face Iran.) [SBNation Soccer]
  • Not sure how the United States will be able to deal with Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese tomorrow? Here's a fantastically thorough breakdown of not just how we can hold our own, but how we can outright win. [The Shin Guardian]
  • Although JJ is still hard at work with the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, yesterday his replacement was announced, as Rian Johnson was introduced as the future director of Episode VIII and possibly IX. Johnson is an accomplished TV director whose directed several episodes of Breaking Bad, including one of the final episodes that is without hyperbole the greatest hour of television I've ever seen in my life (and I've watched probably millions of hours of TV). But what else do you need to know about him? [Vulture]
  • I tell you...bears today with their pic-a-nic baskets and their constant stream of giving each other blowjobs...wait, what?!? [Huff Post]
  • Not that I, St. Louis Game Time, or the Sports Blog Nation mothership would ever condone such a thing...but if you're planning on robbing a bank or banks any time soon, you might not want to do all of your research from heist movies. [Cracked]


This week's Science Saturday couldn't be more awesome (yes, more awesome than bear bjs)! Sir Isaac Newton takes on Bill Nye: The Science Guy in a truly Epic Rap Battle of History! (And yes, that is Weird Al as Newton.)

I'll be honesty with you - I'm already nervous about tomorrow's US game. To help you get pumped to get on my level, here's the dopest US World Cup anthem in all of creation. USA WANT IT ALL!

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Go Bosnia!