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Final Rankings of the 2014 St. Louis Game Time Postseason Bracket Contest

Who won? Who...didn't? Only one way to find out!

Streamers sold separately.
Streamers sold separately.
Kevork Djansezian

It's been a week since the LA Kings finished off their 2nd Stanley Cup victory in 3 years. But one question still remains.

"Which difference making center will the Blues acquire to play on the top 2 lines?"

Hahahahahahaha...wait, you were serious? Oh...well, no not that question.

Without any further delay, here are the top ten finishers, along with their original predicitons for the Stanley Cup Finals (all of them):

1. Muneeb A - 65 points -  LA over Boston in 5

2. STLEdge - 46 points - LA over Boston in 6

3. RealBadRobot - 31 points - Boston over LA in 7

4. Bluesgirl22 - 30 points - St. Louis over New York Rangers in 7

5. CanesAndBluesFan - 28 points - Boston over LA in 7

6. Steve-R - 25 points - San Jose over Boston in 7

7. Perreault my boat - 24 points - San Jose over Boston in 7

8. Steve Lane - 23 points - Chicago over Boston in 6

T-9. Derek Wilhelm - 21 points - St. Louis over Boston in 7

T-9. Icehammer97 - 21 points - Boston over Anaheim in 7

  • Muneeb A, as the grand prize winner, will receive a blank jersey of his choosing...and he has chosen a Red Wings jersey. As the contest proprietor, I must remain everyone else please scorn him for his decision.
  • STLEdge in 2nd place wins a $50 gift card to Sports Authority. Please either email or DM me on twitter an address where I can ship it to.
  • Ashley, aka, NotTerriblePrediction-making-machine, just barely held off Bluesgirl22 for the 3rd place prize (she can thank Henrik Lundqvist for having a bad game 5 against the Habs, otherwise Bluesgirl22 would have taken it on bonus points). As a result, she wins an NHL T-Shirt of her choosing. Please DM or email me which shirt you'd like & where I can send it.
  • I've said this in the previous update posts, but now you can really get a picture of how much of an effect Boston losing had on this contest.
Great. Now that postseason is over and we can all pretend like it never happened. Unless you won.