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2014 NHL Awards Open Thread: Jon Hamm Still Isn't Hosting

How long will Rich Peverley's deserved standing ovation be? Will Patrick Roy win the Jack Adams, and if he doesn't, does he punch someone?

Vegas, baby!
Vegas, baby!
Ethan Miller

Tonight is the NHL Awards. It's ok if you've forgotten they're on. The league didn't seem to promote them very much this year, and the Blues aren't up for any. That doesn't mean that it isn't worthwhile to turn in, though. Drama can still abound. Or just kind of sit there and awkwardly applaud Bettman. Drama can do that too.

Presenters include Chris Pronger and Rich Peverley, and Jay Mohr doesn't host this year. It's George Stroumboulopoulos, newest addition to HNIC as presented by Rogers SportsNet but still broadcast on the CBC for right now, or whatever Hockey Night in Canada's going to be called. Celebrity presenters include David Boreanaz, who is a huge Phildelphia Flyers fan and who is just one step closer to Jon Hamm being a presenter/host. Retta of Parks and Recreation will be presenting, which is appropriate, since today's Treat Yo'Self Tuesday. Pre-recorded bits will feature Whoopi Goldberg and Susan Sarandon, capturing the crucial "female hockey fan over the age of 50" demographic, which, based on personal experience, is a demographic that they need to focus on more often.

Mark Messier will be there presumably to cry. The musical guest will be Phillip Phillips, because Wilson Phillips was busy.

The fun starts tonight at 6 central on NBCSN. There will be things called "Twitter Mirrors," whatever the hell those are. The NHL's encouraging fans to participate using the hashtag #NHLAwards, so not that I'm calling for a Project Mayhem here, but this could be a fun Project Mayhem.