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Friday Links: America Wins 0-1!!!

America, America...oh, and let's see...also AMERICA! Also draft coverage & the silliest of walks.

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Everyone: you need to get on CrossCheckRaise's level.


  • Patrik Berglund was signed to a 3-year contract extension yesterday.... [SLGT]
  • ...though it could only be "sign-and-trade" the first in a wave of moves over the next week or two that could dramatically change how the Blues' forward depth chart looks. Keep your heads on a swivel, people. Things could start moving fast and furious soon. (Sticktap: CCR) [The Hockey News]
  • Tonight is the beginning of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, so have yourself a preview of all the coverage the St. Louis Game Time Prospects Department has in store for you this weekend. [SLGT]
  • Senators GM Bryan Murray isn't getting offered exactly what he wants for Jason Spezza...because that's how negotiations work. (Sticktap: CCR) [Ottawa Sun]
  • The Blues have also expressed interest in free agent center Paul Stastny. As has, reportedly, "half the league." [Puck Drunk Love]
  • Another thing to look for over the next day or two: where Al's boy Ryan MacInnis goes in the draft - and are the Blues the ones to pick him up? [STLToday]
  • Hey, did you know that the first round of the 2014 NHL Draft is tonight? Yes you did, because I told you earlier. 6:00 central time on NBCSports. Who'll go first? []
  • Why isn't the NHL Draft a bigger deal? For starters, at best only a third of the players picked tonight will even be in the NHL next year, but that's not the only reason. [SBNation NHL]
  • The Fuckhawks are trying to extend Rocky & Bullwinkle, and reports have them both asking for deals that will give them $12 million AAV. EACH. By comparison, there are only 2 players in the NHL that even count for more than $9 million against the cap (Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin). That $6 million Corey Crawford deal looks worse every day. But hey, if Nikita Nikitin is worth $4.5 mill a year... [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Fun With Social Media: Evander Kane raised a few eyebrows by favoriting a random tweet asking for the Flyers to trade for him. Of all of the "scandals" that have surrounded Evander Kane since arriving in Winnipeg, this is somehow the most (read: only) legitimate one. What a world we live in, huh? [Puck Daddy]
  • The upcoming 2014 The Body issue of ESPN: The Magazine's hockey representative is...[drumroll]...Hilary Knight! Oh my... [Sporting News]
  • After this past season, there have been some...additions to the regulation NHL ice surface, thanks to /r/hockey. Have yourself a look - unless you're Patrik Berglund. (Sticktap: CCR) [@ItsCanadasGame/Twitter]
  • Fuck that last guy's Twitter handle. That is all.
  • The United States was beaten by mighty Germany yesterday 1-0, but thanks to Portugal defeating a troubled Ghana, the US advances from the dreaded Group of Death in 2nd place anyway! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! [SBNation World Cup]
  • They will face a very talented, young, yet unproven Belgium squad at 3:00 central on Tuesday in the round of 16. Here's all you need to know about our next victims the Group H winners. [Dirty Tackle]
  • Also in Group H, Algeria drew Russia yesterday to advance to the knockout rounds for the first time in their country's history...and their fans were prettehhhh, pretty excited! [BBC News]
  • Elsewhere, FIFA announced that repeated cannibal/noted racist/unremorsefull cheater Luis Suarez will be suspended for 4 months from any and all "football-related activity" (which covers as many as 14 Liverpool matches in 3 different competitions) including not even being allowed in stadiums and 9 "official" Uruguay matches (which covers the rest of this World Cup & could cover all of next summer's Copa America). Sounds harsh, but I would've gone more myself. [ESPN FC]
  • Here's a fun fact: with Russia's elimination yesterday, the 3 highest paid managers in the World Cup (and 5 of the top 10) were eliminated in the first round! One last chance for us all to laugh at England! [Forbes]
  • Six words: Monty. Python. Silly. Walks. Video. Game. (Well, app/computer game, anyway.) This is what you can do with some grant money from The Ministry of Silly Walks. (Sticktap: CCR) [The Silly Walk]
  • I can't improve on this headline, so I'll post it as is: "Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Birthday Party, Eats All the Cupcakes." [Death & Taxes]

It just occurred to me that some of you might not be familiar with the classic Monty Python sketch to which the aforementioned link refers. You're a sad, miserable lot indeed. But fear not - that's what J-Mill's here to do!

I dare you to watch this entire video.


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It's draft day - Brian will have coverage throughout the day, plus we'll even have an open thread going for tonight's first round! Come on back now, ya' hear?