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Thursday Links - Fun With Eulogies

Bad goalie contracts. Beyond Checkerdome. Eulogy time. Jeff Brown wins awards. Kings win in OT. Cup pictures. Simpsons NHL. Hockey World Cup? Weekend At Bernie's type shit in the D. Fake cops. And puppies!!!! Enjoy your Thursday.

This guy is really good at hockey, and he's only 24.
This guy is really good at hockey, and he's only 24.
Victor Decolongon

Hi. Anyone have a spare Toshiba laptop charger to spare? One that works? Then please email me.

But you want links. You've got 'em.


  • Think the Blues did bad with goalie contracts? Well, a lot of other teams have done worse, as CanesAndBluesFan points out. [SLGT]
  • Episode 44 of Beyond Checkerdome focuses a lot on the greatest 44 ever to wear the Note. [SLGT]
  • The Blackhawks eulogy is out, and it's written by Brad and Hildy. And it is . . . pretty damn good, considering what little they had to work with. Blackhawks fans either hated it or feigned boredom with it. Because, well, no fucking shit. Something about psychology. [Puck Daddy]
  • Former Blues defenseman Jeff Brown won GM of the Year in the USHL. (S/T to Tomorrow's Blues) [USHL]


  • The Kings won in OT. Shockingly, it was Justin Williams who scored the game-winner. Game Two is Saturday at Staples Center. [Jewels from the Crown]
  • The Rangers did not win. But it's not like they played like ass or anything. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Ryan Lambert, as usual, takes on a bunch of shit in his weekly Power Rankings. [Puck Daddy]
  • Check out this collection of 100 Sports Illustrated pics from Stanley Cup Finals past. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Sports Illustrated]
  • The Quebec Capitales and the St. Paul Saints, two minor league baseball teams, will play wearing jerseys inspired by the Quebec Nordiques and Minnesota North Stars. Fuckin' sweet, mang. [Puck Daddy]
  • NHL logos redone from Simpsons characters. Makes sense that Marge is involved with the Blues logo. (S/T to doubleduck) [Next Impulse Sports]
  • Is the NHL inching closer to a World Cup announcement, with the (obvious) blessing of the NHLPA? [Puck Daddy]
  • Stan Bowman is putting re-signing Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews at his "highest priority" this offseason. Gee, I wonder why. Is it because they're good? (In other words: NO SHIT.) [CSN Chicago]
  • The Calder Cup will be contested between the farm clubs of two Conference III teams . . . the Texas Stars (Stars, obviously) and the St. John's IceCaps (Jets). As I'm about to marry a quarter-Newf, I will be rooting for St. John's. Go IceCaps! [AHL]


  • Some quasi Weekend at Bernie's shit out of Detroit. (S/T to UIWWildThing) [My Fox Detroit]
  • "Y'know how fast you were going?" "Yeah, and you're not a real cop, asshole." [Y! / AP]
  • One of baseball's most popular figures and in some regards baseball's "Everyman", Don Zimmer, passed at the age of 83 yesterday. RIP, Zim. [Deadspin]


Puppies? Sure:


I'm out the door. J-Mill has your weekend. Hit him with some links, yo: