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Saturday Links: The Return of the Finals

Yes, with an "S." Also, the World Cup, the World Cup of Hockey, Will Ferrell, Marty's continuing delusion, and a new way to find your kind bud buddy.

Damn, Marty St. Louis is even shorter than I thought.
Damn, Marty St. Louis is even shorter than I thought.
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

There's still hockey happening? I've been raised to believe that hockey season ends in late April. :-(

Any way, two days off during the finals sucks. Though I'm guessing there's a pretty good reason for it, but I'll mention that tomorrow.


  • Not so much, no.
  • Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals (yes "Finals" - the League can say whatever they want, they don't get to change the fundamentals of the English language) are tonight at 6 central on NBC actual. [ 6/7]
  • How is the spirit of the Rangers locker room after blowing a two goal lead in game 1? [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Will Ferrell is soooo rich...(HOW RICH IS HE???)...he's so rich, he can afford to pay for an entire "Go Kings Go!" video billboard not just in New York City, but on 34th & 7th, right next to Madison Square Garden. And he did EXACTLY that! [The Royal Half]
  • Lambert's Trending Topics this week takes a look at the impending resurrection of the World Cup of Hockey, where he wonders if it isn't a bit of a ruse by the NHL to minimize or outright end participation in the Olympics. Personally, if the WCoH can become everything it can be, I'd be perfectly fine with that. [Puck Daddy]
  • Top Three Reasons to Hate Donald Sterling: 3) him losing the Clippers has essentially ended the chance of Seattle getting an NHL expansion team anytime soon. @TerripenKen wanted to pass this PD piece along explaining how, and what would have to happen for Seattle to climb back into serious contention again. (Oh, and the other two reasons are his racism and the fact that he was born in Chicago.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Yesterday was a big day in Mario's world: the Penguins officially introduced Jim Rutherford as their new GM, then almost immediately fired head coach Dan Bylsma. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Where might the former Cup-winning coach end up? As long as it's as far away from USA Hockey as possible, I don't really care. Although Vancouver does seem like a pretty great fit. [The Hockey News]
  • Out of the over 7 billion people on Earth, exactly ONE person doesn't want to see Martin Brodeur hang up his mask and ride off in the sunset as a New Jersey Devil. Unfortunately, that one person is Marty himself. Mr. Sister-In-Law declared yesterday that he's "definitely" going to become a free agent on July 1st. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • @TerripinKen also passed along this image of a guy who broke up with his cheating girlfriend through memes. [Huff Post]
  • Are you out looking for love? Have you tried online dating, but can't find the right match? Is your idea of a perfect day sitting on your couch in pajama pants watching Super Jail on Adult Swim with a handful of Doritos in one hand and a two-foot tall bong in the other, you just need the lover to puff-puff-pass to? Then St. Louisan Jay Lindberg has developed the dating site for you: [Riverfront Times]
  • What's the bare minimum you can possibly care about horse racing? I guess I'm almost there today, as California Chrome goes for the Triple Crown in today's Belmont Stakes. But it probably won't happen. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The United States Men's National Team has their final warm up match today against the reigning African Champions and fellow World Cup qualifier, Nigeria. Check out Stars And Stripes FC later today, but for a great game preview now check out [The Yanks Are Coming]

One great thing about ESPN's coverage of the World Cup is their fantastic team of British announcers and their knowledge of the game. But not all British announcers are fantastic, and they don't always know the sport they're calling. Some sound like this:

"It's like the end scene of Home Alone, but everyone has a beard."

That could also describe most of my family reunions.

Have you ever been overly excited or depressed over a Blues win or loss (usually a loss) and had someone tell you "it's just a game?" First of all: fuck those people right off to hell. Secondly, show them this edition of Science Saturday:

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Fuck the Kings.