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Jori Lehterä Is Pretty Good At Hockey

The focus today has been on Paul Stastny, but the Blues' other free agent signing could help out too.

Special thank you to SB Nation video guru Steve Dangle (follow on Twitter @Steve_Dangle) for digging up some highlight reel clips of Jori Lehterä lighting it up in KHL. I understand that the skill level in the KHL and in some international play isn't exactly up to NHL standards, but regardless, these clips should impress.

The above was Lehterä's shootout goal in this year's KHL All Star Game. Will he supplant T.J. Oshie, American Hero for everyone's favorite shootout artist? Nah, but it's fun.

Here's a spiffy slap-pass to Jonas Enlund during the playoffs that should catch your attention. A bit of that was Enlund being in the right place at the right time, but it was still a hell of a setup.

Next we have some NHL-lockout era KHL hockey. Dynamo Moscow, who counted Alexander Ovechkin and Nicholas Backstrom on their squad, thought they had a stranglehold on the game, but Lehterä popped their bubble with two points in a come from behind victory.The most impressive part? The two points came in the last minute of regulation play.

Finally, he can fight! Well, "fight" is a nice way of putting it, but he won, so who cares?

That kind of gumption might earn you second line center minutes, son. Paul Stastny needs to watch his back.