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Sunday Links: Messi Vs The Machine

Schwartzie honors Mandi, we wrap around conference III, and oh by the way, there's the single biggest sporting even known to humanity.

The Chosen One himself.
The Chosen One himself.
Clive Rose

What's been on the interwebs since I last gave you guys some delectable clickables? Let's see...


  • The "Hockey Guy" thinks that Steve Ott will be a pretty good replacement for Vladimir Sobotka. [STLToday]
  • ...I only posted that link so I could immediately bring you Robb's work from the other day that directly refutes that point. Also, #NakedSobe [SLGT]
  • The Russian players the Blues have been collecting in recent years aren't "stereotypically Russian," which is a bullshit phrase that everyone should stop using now because it's not only meaningless, it's also mildly racist. People just don't think about it as being racist because...well, I'll let you do the math. [SLGT]
  • Jaden Schwartz will be changing numbers this year, from 9 to Sobotka's old 17, which also just so happened to be the number Mandi wore at Yale. Even though I JUST had my Paul Kariya jersey changed over, I can't fault him for that. Plus we're getting new jerseys anyway, so it all works out, really. [Puck Daddy]
  • Former Blues head-scratching-sideways-signing Brenden Morrow signed a 1-year deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning. [Raw Charge]
  • How are the Colorado Avalanche still so shitty at signing Ryan O'Reily? I get that they've got young top-line centers coming out of their asses, but doesn't Joe Sakic listen to Marek vs Wyshynski? [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Defending Big D defends diving. (Sort of.) If you needed any more proof that soccer has "made it" in America, it's a Texan hockey fan accepting embellishment to an extant has a place in sports. [Defending Big D]
  • Could Derek Roy make sense for the Predators? [On the Forecheck]
  • The other, French-ier Roy, believes that his Avs can be even more successful this year than they were last year, which proves that there is literally not one person in Denver who knows how PDO works. []
  • Should Winnipeg go after James Reimer? Yes they should - he'd be a big boost in the Jets' race for to-finish-ahead-of-Nashville. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • After signing Rocky & Bullwinkle, Those Fuckers Up North are currently over the salary cap for this season. So some reports have Johnny Oduya potentially being the odd man out - could he help out the Oilers? [Edmonton Journal]

  • This afternoon, over half of mankind will be watching one thing: Argentina playing Germany in the World Cup Final. It's South America vs. Europe. Individual imagination vs Efficient precision. Messi vs. The Machine (sans Florence). As usual, SBNation went all out in their in-depth preview. And as their last line says, "Nothing matters like a World Cup Final matters." [SBNation]
  • Oh, and yesterday was the 3rd place game, where the Netherlands started to destroy Brazil like Germany did, then thought, "Meh...fuck this." The Dutch won 3-0, furthering the national embarrassment the Brazilian national team has been to their country. The only possible way it could be worse is if their biggest rivals Argentina lift the trophy on their soil. [Pro Soccer Talk]
  • Although I've never been myself, I've always loved watching Arena Football (GO SAN JOSE SABERCATS!), in part because the fans are so close to the game itself. So close that if you even just lean forward, you might get hit helmet-to-head by a receiver running at full speed. Like this guy did. [Deadspin]
  • Never listen to music without the proper corresponding booze ever again! For example, "The Snoop Dogg" is gin with wheatgrass juice & lemon juice. Meanwhile "The Urge" is one can of PBR. Find out what to drink with your favorite artists! (Sticktap to Childhood Trauma - nice find!) [Drinkify]
  • The 2014 Emmy award nominations were announced earlier this week, with Game of Thrones leading the way with 19 nods. But the question now is: who will win? I mean, other than Breaking Bad. Duh. [Gold Derby]

doubleduck earns himself both a sticktap & a bow with this crazy, fucked-up, and yet somehow perfect Japanese adaptation of Doctor Who. Right down to the terrible kung-fu.

One of the most Emmy-nominated shows this year is last year's season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix (seriously, if you haven't watched it yet, what are you even doing?). I'm honestly surprised it took the Internet this long to Disney-fy Litchfield Women's Prison.

That's it for my long week of linkage. Went off without a hitch - unless you count those two hitches. In any case, DK's back with you tomorrow.

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