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Beyond Checkerdome: Defenders of the BLUniverse

Episode 47 is up and ready to join forces!

"Wait ... when did Michal call dibs on Big Spoon?"
"Wait ... when did Michal call dibs on Big Spoon?"
Jonathan Daniel

Hello there! How's the offseason treating ya?

This time around we are joined by the fine fellows of the Blues Hockey Podcast, Jason Martine and Chris Frank, as we form a sort of Blues Podcast Voltron. We go a little deeper with the history of 47s, Blues free agency so far ( Paul Stastny , YAY / Steve Ott, MEH), as well as the moves from a few other teams around the league. Also, we wax nostalgic about Ken Wilson, Ron Caron, and Willie McGee? We finish with a listener-provided question: Which 5 current/former Blues players would you pick for your crew to go out drinking?

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE.

Thanks for sticking with us and your continued support. We hope it helps the offseason go by just a little bit easier. Is it October yet?

When you're not listening to our show, definitely give the guys at Blues Hockey Podcast a listen. Find them on Itunes or most other podcast apps, and also on their website HERE. Follow them on twitter as well - first the show @BluesHockeyNHL and them individually: Jason at @JPMBluesfan21 and Chris at @Hoss_a_palooza .

... and, of course, always keep us in mind for questions, feedback, hate mail, or beer suggestions. Hit us up on email at BeyondCheckerdome AT Gmail DOT com, and on the twitters @ByndCheckerdome.

Drop us a comment below, and give us your picks for your 5-man drinking crew. Tell us who we overlooked, and why they'd be your choice.


Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing

PS: here's one of the videos that we mentioned in the show. Total Devastation: