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Friday Links: Just A Little Bit...Just A Little Bit...

Gunnar has great taste in music, bizarre DGB, happy Schmosby, & Humans of St. Louis...brought to you by the letter "D."

"Use The Force, Carl Gunnarsson."
"Use The Force, Carl Gunnarsson."
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The title for today's links were in reference to Vladimir Sobotka feeling like he needed a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T (just a little bit!)...but then I saw that DK linked that yesterday. You know what though? I don't feel like changing it.


  • Blues legends Brian Sutter, Bob Plager, and the late great announcer Dan Kelly will be inducted into the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame on September 24th. Also going in that night will be Chris Carpenter, Aeneas Williams, Taylor Twellman, and former Big 10 basketball ref (and my high school's superintendent) Ed Hightower, among others. [STL Sports Hall of Fame]
  • Take a few moments to get to know our new favorite Swedish blueliner, Carl Gunnarsson. He says he hates country music, so he's alright in my book! [Blues]
  • Now that Jaden Schwartz has changed from number 9 to 17, Steve Ott went ahead and jumped on number 9. So I spent the money & time to get my Blues Reebok Paul Kariya #9 turned into a  Schwartz #9, then we trade for one of my least favorite players, lose one of my favorite players to Russia, re-sign said disliked player, Schwartz ditches #9, then Ott takes #9...all just as the Blues are essentially ditching the Reebok look altogether? I have to say, Hockey Gods, that's some high quality trolling right there. [Twitter]
  • Speaking of Schwartzie, how's that new contract coming?'re "working on" it? It could "take some time?" Ok then... [Frozen Notes]
  • Alexander Steen's father, former NHL star Thomas Steen, spent the night in the slammer for the Canadian equivalent of violating his parole. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • You know it's summer in hockey world, because SBNation's NHL page is doing a day-by-day poll to find the best players in league history for each letter of the alphabet. Yesterday was "C," which of course led to a Penguins-Flyers all-out war over Sidney Crosby vs. Bobby Clarke. I can't wait to vote for Reinhard Divas today! [SBNation NHL]
  • Down Goes Brown takes a look at every team's offseason so far and scientifically calculates how "bizarre" they've been. The Blues don't look too bad. The Sharks on the other hand...oof...[Grantland]
  • Forbes has named the new list of the top 50 most valuable sports franchises in the world, and the only NHL team to crack the list are the Toronto Maple Leafs. [Forbes]
  • LeBron James, you may have heard, is returning to the Cleveland Cavilers. Ted Mosby, the led character from How I Met Your Mother, is also from Cleveland. Ted Mosby was quite excited! A better scene than anything in HIMYM's last season? You be the judge. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • The NFL team in Washington, D.C. is having to defend their team name in court...again. And this time, the federal judge presiding over the case has banned the use of the name in any court documents. But really, you guys, it's meant as an "honor" to native americans! [Jerk-off motion] [Sports Illustrated]
  • Perhaps you've heard about the tumblr "Humans of New York," where they find a random stranger on the street, take their picture and ask them a few questions about themselves and their lives. Well, the idea has caught on locally, with a uniquely St. Louis feel.  [Riverfront Times]
  • The latest on the Malaysian commercial flight shot down along the Ukraine-Russian boarder yesterday. [NBC News]

You absolutely must watch this entire video featuring Batman vs Darth Vader. You seriously can't miss a second of it.

To try and welcome you back from watching the World Cup - or welcoming your post World Cup interest in soccer - a collection of MLS stars led by Chicago Fire reigning MVP Mike Magee (with some help from Sydney Leroux & Hope Solo) put together this classic Ferris Bueller homage. And it is sooo choice! If you have the means, I highly recommend watching it! (And you do have the means, because you're reading this sentence right now.)

Too bad Mike Magee isn't real and is only a figment of Omar Gonzalez's imagination because he's in love with Sydney Leroux (but who among us isn't?).

You think you have better links? I'd like to see you try! No really, let me see them.
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