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Thursday Links - Asking Stupid Questions

If you ask a stupid question, chances are that you'll get either a stupid answer or no answer at all. Bottom line? Don't ask stupid questions. Oh, and other links, including a special triple-video portion of the program.

You'll get a stupid answer (well, from me, anyway) if you ask "Why do the Blues need Steve Ott on their team?"
You'll get a stupid answer (well, from me, anyway) if you ask "Why do the Blues need Steve Ott on their team?"
Dilip Vishwanat

What am I talking about? Well, that's a stupid question since you know I'll answer it anyway.


  • The best way to get a stupid answer (or, in pretty much all these cases, no answer at all) is to ask a stupid fucking question. That was basically the mood of Ken Hitchcock's takeover Q-and-A of the Blues' Twitter account Tuesday morning. (S/T to @ChrisAhner) [Riverfront Times]


  • For his weekly Power Rankings, Lambert takes on the Flames, those who question the worth of Ryan O`Reilly (more on that later), T.J. Oshie and more. [Puck Daddy]
  • Two teenagers were charged with assault after one wound up and shot a puck at the official and the other got too much of the official during a brawl. Fun times at the ol' rink! (S/T to Kate) [CBC]
  • Not all hockey players get the summer off. Some do other shit to make ends meet. Yes, even today. (S/T to @Renkly) [Daytona Beach News-Journal]
  • The Panthers, who have been hemorrhaging money for quite a long time now AND are not much of a team to watch (until soon, it looks like) have decided to cut their cheerleading squad (not to be confused with "ice girls") from their in-game entertainment package. (S/T to HallPlante) [Sun-Sentinel]
  • So, O`Reilly . . . the Avalanche(s) decided he was worth $12MM over two years. So I guess that's progress. The team is still gonna fuck this up somehow, though, aren't they? [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Speaking of the Avs . . . defenseman Andre Benoit, who was in Denver last season, signed with the Sabres yesterday. Balls. [Buffalo Hockey Beat]
  • How did the iconic Hartford Whalers logo come about? Here's the story. [Icethetics]


  • 'Twas a sad day in Denver and for all of my fellow Broncos fans yesterday . . . long-time team owner Pat Bowlen officially stepped aside from this role. He is dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. Personally, I wish every owner of every sports franchise could be like Pat, who always has been unafraid to tell people "it's not about me" (as his noted by his wife in her statement here). [Denver Broncos]
  • One way to get a pond on your acreage that has a creek . . . is to put a bunch of beavers on that creek and let 'em do the work for you. What's better is that he wanted the pond for winter hockey, and now he's got it. Fuck yeah, bro, I'm coming to Alberta! (S/T to Kate) [CBC]
  • Yadier Molina loves his brother Jose so much that he decided to leave a little snack for him at home plate yesterday. [Deadspin]
  • The world-famous gigantic ketchup bottle in Collinsville is for sale . . . NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Y! / Reuters]


Triple video day? Oh, fuck yeah, dude.

First, this is weird. (S/T to Ashley, AKA "PalpableGodawfulTwerkbot"):

No. Just . . . no. Even if this band calls themselves Basement Jaxx . . . just . . . no.

Next, as promised yesterday, a couple of Hank Green's "punishments" from yesterday's video. The first one is Hank giving a tutorial on applying makeup to look like Katniss Everdeen and, predictably, doing a really shitty job of it. (S/T to Kate):

Well then.

And finally, Hank spends 15 hours inside a Target. (S/T to Kate):

Poor guy. I mean, I used to fucking WORK at that Target. (At least I'm pretty SURE that's the Missoula Target. Hank lives here, and it sure LOOKS a lot like the Missoula Target. Anyway.)

Alright, that's it for the weekday portion of your links programming. J-Mill has your weekend, and you should send him your very best links, videos, meats and cheeses in all the land:

And in case you needed a reminder . . . Episode 48 of Beyond Checkerdome comes your way next week.