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Saturday Afternoon Delight Links

Some lunchtime clickings!

If they had invented the High Five like a guy in today's links, they wouldn't have missed this bad.
If they had invented the High Five like a guy in today's links, they wouldn't have missed this bad.
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

 We had ourselves an early morning post (see below), so you get links in the afternoon - just like Ron Burgundy likes it!


  • rminton618 is optimistic about the Blues, and here's why: [SLGT]
  • ANTI-ANALYTICS PEOPLE: "Welp, good thing we don't play in the Corsi Hockey League!" ...well, if we did, here would be the 2013-14 awards for each team: [Second City Hockey]
  • James Reimer re-signed for the Maple Leafs to be the unfair whipping boy in Toronto, even though he could've very easily started in Winnipeg. Canada makes less & less sense every day. 2 years, $4.6mill [Maple Leafs]
  • Turns out that Vladimir Sobotka won't be alone in heading the KHL this year - former Hab Martin St. Pierre will be hoping the ocean too, although that's not too surprising since he's only played 1 NHL game since 2010 (against us, BTW). [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Ugly Hockey Christmas Sweaters - get your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party plans together, fellow white people! [Puck Daddy]

  • The marching band for THE.........Ohio State University is in trouble after a report came out about...uhh...them being college students? I've spent most of my life among theatre & band people, so trust me when I say that this is far from the first time I've heard a girl call herself "Jewoobs." [Deadspin]
  • Which famous sportscasters/announcers/asshole talking heads would be which character from The Simpsons? I don't think it gets better than Skip Bayless as Mr. Burns. [Awful Announcing]
  • Who invented the high five? Apparently this guy. I could've sworn it was a Da Vinci creation. [Priceonomics]


Another hockey-related Science Saturday: how skating works IN SLOW-MO! Sticktap to CrossCheckRaise.



This is fucking adorable. Sticktap to RealBadRobot (I'm saving my synonyms for the season).





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