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Thursday Open Thread - Thanks, From A Drunk Guy

I got home from work about 15 minutes after my links usually go to post. So you get a few links. Like the new Beyond Checkerdome, the free agent tracker . . . oh, and a thank you video for the USMNT by a guy who drank half a bottle of bourbon.

"I thought they fired you, Larry?" "Eat my shit, JD."
"I thought they fired you, Larry?" "Eat my shit, JD."
Bruce Bennett

So . . . normally, I drive home right before dawn hits. At least in the summer. Tonight? I drove home right AS dawn hit. And it was fucking surreal.

Anyway, because of how LATE I got home, this will be an abridged version of links. Surely you'll understand.

The pertinent info:

  • Episode 46 of Beyond Checkerdome went to air yesterday on here and on iTunes and all the other regular media. Tim and I discussed the (then) Jason Spezza rumor, the Roman Polak for Carl Gunnarsson and a pick deal, the draft and a bunch of other awesome shit. [SLGT]
  • The basics from yesterday's signings . . . John Scott signed with the Sharks, Olli Jokinen signed with the Predators and old friend Jay McClement (the Jay is silent) signed with the Hurricanes. There were others. Every North American UFA signing is on this list. [TSN]
  • And your video . . . a half-drunk Matt Ufford thanking the United States Men's National Team for being awesome in defeat:

And looking like a Goddamn bomb pop. I really, REALLY hope they don't bring those kits back.

Alright . . . so usually, this is when I tell you that I'm taking the weekend off and to send your shit to J-Mill. BUT NO! I will be your weekend guy this week. So send me stuff to link or videos to watch. You'll get credit for it too: