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Holiday Weekend Open Bar - The Big Tease

I'm working a strange schedule the next couple days and it's probably going to be a slow news weekend, so here's an open bar. With a huge tease! And a few other things. So crack open an ice cold frosty (or, well, several) and enjoy the long weekend.

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NOT SHOWN: the massive bug that was on this dude's arm, later.
NOT SHOWN: the massive bug that was on this dude's arm, later.
Jamie McDonald

So I'm slated to get home at around 6am MDT the next two mornings, perhaps later . . . in fact, when this goes to post, I'll still be at work . . . so in lieu of waiting until then to do links, I'm just gonna take today and tomorrow off.

Because America.

There are a few bits to talk about before I return Monday (and J-Mill comes your way for the next week or so after that):

  • Talk about your big cockteases. Icethetics got a glimpse of the new Blues home uniform. They'll have more Monday. [Twitter / @Icethetics]
  • As mentioned yesterday, the Blues will open their development camp to the public this Monday thru Wednesday. Our Prospects Department, Brian Weidler, needs your help if you're going to attend! [SLGT]
  • A minor signing for the Blues . . . they picked up a guy that'll likely be with the Wolves most of next season, inking former Sharks winger John McCarthy on a one-year, two-way deal worth $600K NHL / $200K AHL. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Senators picked up a center to partially fill the void left by Jason Spezza . . . signing former Predators and Red Wings pivot man David Legwand to a two-year deal. [USA Today]
  • You can keep tracking free agents with this . . . there were a few other minor signings in the last couple days. [TSN]
  • Here's a piece about the Sharks' decision to add Ice Girls to their in-game entertainment package . . . and how it's basically a "middle finger" to their female fans. And holy shit, look how many comments are on this one. Nearly 370 as of the time I linked this. Oh, and these guys signed John Scott, so everything is pretty much horrible this offseason for Sharks fans. (S/T to HallPlante, who suggested that maybe Scott become an Ice Girl so he could do something useful on the ice for once) [Fear the Fin]
  • Colombia lost to Brazil 2-1 (Germany beat France 1-0, but that game apparently was a snooze) and Brazil lost Neymar to an awful injury, but check out this MASSIVE bug that ended up on James Rodriguez's arm during his penalty kick goal . . . holy fucking shit. [Deadspin / Screamer]
  • The oldest American turned 116 yesterday. 116. She was born in the 19th century. That is incredible. [Y! / AP]
  • And a video . . . it's Doc Emrick and his many words for passing the puck, remixed to sound like Daft Punk. I may have posted this before, but it bears repeating. And was posted in the links comments yesterday by Childhood Trauma:

Doc Emrick is the Goddamn greatest. And Daft Punk is awesome too.

So again . . . no links again until Monday. And J-Mill will have most of next week. But there's no reason for you NOT to load up on Monday's links with a bunch of awesome shit! So send it off:

And to be clear . . . HUP HOLLAND HUP!