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Monday Open Bar - Mailing It In

And then on Saturday, I decided . . . fuck it, I'm taking Monday off too. (THIS time, to go somewhere . . . really nice . . . instead of to work). So you get nothing and like it today. Sorry.

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I'm not the only one to coast on talent alone.
I'm not the only one to coast on talent alone.
Dilip Vishwanat

Slow news cycle plus holiday weekend plus significant others wanting to enjoy nice places over the summer means you get basically no links again today. Sorry, kids. Mailing it in again.

Remember, there's a development camp for Blues' prospects, open to the public at The Mills today thru Wednesday. And Brian needs your help if you're attending with camera in hand!

Other stuff:

  • The Blues apparently have elected to file arbitration on Vladimir Sobotka. Because apparently, signing people who coast on talent to $3.7MM/year contracts is cool (see above), but a guy who puts up numbers, shuts down opponents and plays well with the team's top two prospects when the situation had to present itself can't get TOO much of a raise. Or something. This is baffling to me unless it leads to an extension before it gets to court. [The Score]
  • LOL, scoreboard trolls.Y'know . . . "HEY, LOOK AT THE PRETTY SCOREBOARD WITH MY NAME ON IT!!!1!!"
  • TSN's sortable free agent tracker is still tracking all the signings. When there ARE any. [TSN]
  • SOMEONE HAS THE CANUCKS FIGURED OUT, YOU GUYS. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Craig's List Vancouver]
  • DEUTSCHLAND DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLES!!!! (I kinda glossed over the Germany victory over France on Saturday.) [USA Today]
  • Also . . . HUP HOLLAND HUP!!!! Furthermore . . . HEY NEWCASTLE, SIGN TIM KRUL TO A LIFETIME CONTRACT . . . NOW!!!!! [SB Nation]
  • Oh, and Argentina and Brazil won too. Meh. Don't care enough to provide links for both, but I'll provide the one for Argentina's win over Belgium since the Belgians knocked the States out. [CBS Sports Eye on the World Cup]
  • And finally, when I think of a complete lack of motivation, I think of Office Space. Here's a trailer from when the movie was about to be released . . . IN 1999. I was in high school. Jeebus, am I old:

" . . . it's not a problem of motivation. It's just that I don't care."

And with that, I'm done for about a week. J-Mill has Tuesday thru Sunday. Be kind:

And I'll see you again . . . NEXT Monday. For real this time.