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Wednesday Links: Seven Hells!

A day in Brazil that will live in infamy, as well Blues prospect news, naked hockey players, and it's not racist if it's about Avril Lavigne.

That reminds me, I have to get my shots updated.
That reminds me, I have to get my shots updated.
Laurence Griffiths

We're out of the free agent frenzy part of the summer and starting to enter the radio silence of mid July-August in hockey. Translation: light links today.

  • Blues prospect Jordan Schmaltz can't wait to kick his younger brother Nick's Blackhawk ass. Love the enthusiasm, Stannis Baratheon, the One True King of Westeros! [STLToday]
  • Robby Fabbri wants to impress us, you guys. [STLToday]
  • Some late night news you may have missed: Sidney Crosby will be undergoing wrist surgery to solve a problem that plagued him during the playoffs. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • King Henrik Lundqvist is in the running for Nickelodeon's prize of "King of Swag." Please go vote for King Henrik as King of Swag. Harrison Mooney is asking oh so nicely. [Puck Daddy]
  • Who will sign Martin Brodeur? Looks like my early front runner of "No One" still leads the race. But if that doesn't happen, here are 5 other "possibilities." [The Hockey News]
  • ESPN The Magazine's The Body issue comes out this week, and the hockey representative is US Olympian/American Hero Hilary Knight. She used the opportunity to also promote positive body image. Autoplay, and N exactly SFW...I mean she is naked, you guys. [ESPN]
  • Also in this year's issue is baseball player...Prince Fucking Fielder?!? Wow...makes me feel better about my fat ass. More power to him. Oh BTW, when the hell did Prince Fielder become a Texas Ranger? I've sort of taken a couple months off from caring about baseball, but I feel like that's not something I would've missed. [ESPN]
  • Down in Brazil yesterday, well......Germany won 7-1. That is not a typo. Trust me when I say all of the sports grief you've ever felt in your life - even as a Blues fan - couldn't hold a candle to what the people of Brazil are going through right now. Imagine if the 2010 Canadian Olympic team had lost to Sweden in the semifinals by the score of 15-2. That still wouldn't come close. [SBNation World Cup]
  • As for today, the other semifinal features Lionel Messi and Argentina against the Oranje of the Netherlands. I picked Argentina before the tournament started, but today HUP HOLLAND HUP! [Pro Soccer Talk]
  • Yesterday former NBA LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling took the stand to testify. It went about as well as you'd imagine. [SBNation]
  • The state of Washington officially began sale of legalized recreational pot yesterday, so congrats to any of our Pacific Northwest readers! I assume there'll be a Starbucks cross promotion by the time I finish this sentence. [Yahoo! News]
  • One of the perks of being a St. Louisan is holding it over everyone else's heads that you know that Panera Bread was originally St. Louis Bread Company. But alas, that original chapter is ending, as Bread Co. will be closing their original location in Kirkwood on Manchester later this month. [Riverfront Times]


You may remember a few weeks ago, Canadian "musician" Avril Lavigne released a new song called "Hello Kitty," that was met with a nearly universal response of "Holy shit, that's racist!" But personally, I feel that we as a culture overlooked the larger issue that it was also just horrible.

Welp, turn about's fair play! HOW'S IT FEEL, CANADA?

Doesn't feel too good, does it Canada? Well, stop letting Avril Lavigne exist then! Also, be less racist.

Would you like to contribute in your own small way to the links? Well no, you cant.

...okay, go ahead...