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St. Louis Blues Recap: Days of Future Past Edition

It is officially August and that means hockey season is getting closer and Hockey Withdrawal is at its Peak. Its a full blown condition that we here at St. Louis Gametime want to address.

Bringing back the flow like its 1996!
Bringing back the flow like its 1996!
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Lackofhockeysarcoma is a real and deadly disease that has reached epidemic proportions as the summer months have progressed. Thousands of cases have been reported on twitter alone. Slowly and steadily those who have reached Stage 4 Hockey Withdrawal have dwindled into madness and have spiraled out of control. Enough is enough! We can cure this thing!

With the help of the NHL Gamecenter App I am here to dull that empty and somewhat painful feeling that LHS has left in its wake, with some old school St. Louis Blues Hockey.

I have taken a look at all the Blues games the NHL Vault has to offer and I am going to be honest with you, most of the games listed are straight up BAD for the St. Louis Blues. Some of them are throw away playoff runs that we wish would fade away like a nasty scar we managed to get one drunken night. Others are far more interesting. But then there are the games where one questions, "Why is this considered a historical and noteworthy Professional hockey game?"

Starting next week and through the months of August and September, I will be recapping an old Blues game every Saturday and Thursday. Those who have the NHL Vault or a way to obtain the weeks games can follow a long as I will be creating a game day thread for each game as well as providing what I can video wise. I have dug through the archives in the App and compiled a list of the games I find the most interesting. Not so depressing to recap to help ease Blues fans cure their ailing hearts. Surely to give us more reason to lift a glass to the beloved Note.

Each Friday I will be posting a vote to determine the next weeks games. So far the list has a variety of games ranging from steller performances to NHL firsts and lasts. The games go from the Late 80s to early 2000s. It will be a blast to relive (or experience for the first time)
some old school St. Louis Blues Hockey. Who's with me?

You can bring out the Zamboni!

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