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Tuesday Links - How To Be A Blues Fan? Whatever.

Well, I've got a lot of links for you today, but first . . . let us all point and laugh at the guy who thinks he can tell you how to be a better fan of the team you've probably been rooting for . . . for a long time.

Did these Blues fans follow protocol? IS there a protocol? No one cares if both answers are "no".
Did these Blues fans follow protocol? IS there a protocol? No one cares if both answers are "no".
Doug Pensinger



  • I forgot this yesterday, and I should've forgotten it forever, but it's worthy of at least public ridicule, anyway . . . the real way to look like a complete fucking cock in public is to tell people how they should be better fans of a team. So yeah, this guy looks like a complete fucking cock for telling me (and, now, you) how to be a better Blues fan. I know how to cheer for my team, jackass, without any kind of "intervention". Piss off, and have fun at your next rec league game. I don't need your fucking help. [The Hockey Writers]
  • A couple weeks ago, Hockey's Future put up their review of who the Blues picked at the 2014 NHL Draft, and it's a bit thorough since . . . well, the Blues picked 10 players. Not as thorough as Brian, though, but . . . hey. (S/T to hotchunkysalsa) [Hockey's Future]


  • Gee, one can only HOPE this is the Red Wings' last stand because it's gotta come at SOME point. That and more in Ryan Lambert's weekly What We Learned piece. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of Fuck Detroit . . . it appears they believe Daniel Alfredsson is coming back. [MLive]
  • If Arizona State University gets D-I hockey before the University of Illinois does, I want Mike Thomas fired immediately. I'm not kidding. [House of Sparky]
  • It appears Ryan Malone will accept a plea deal in his DUI/cocaine possession case before his next court date, which is August 19th. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Tuukka Rask can save a cannon shot. Literally. [Puck Daddy]
  • Remember when Nicklas Backstrom didn't get his silver medal because he didn't play in the gold medal game for Sweden because he failed a drug test? Well, he's finally getting that silver medal now. [Hockey Ramblings]
  • Marc Savard hasn't officially retired and is still technically part of the Bruins, but he's now a scout for the OHL's Ottawa 67's. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • During the season, Charles Wang backed out of a deal to sell the Islanders . . . and the guy who wanted to buy them is now suing Wang for doing so. [NY Daily News]


  • Just to piggyback on all the other shitty news of late, I guess . . . it appears Robin Williams killed himself. Goddamnit, man. RIP. [CNN]
  • The United States men's national soccer team will go to Dublin for a friendly with Ireland on November 18th. Dublin, Ohio? Dublin, Georgia? One of the other many Dublins in the United States? No, no, no . . . Dublin, IRELAND. Cool! [SB Nation]
  • Ever seen a two-headed dolphin? Well, now you will. [Y! / Odd News]
  • The Washington Foreskins, all! And it was made by a Native group. This is pretty fucking awesome. [Deadspin]
  • The reason newspapers are dying? Someone's going around St. John's, Newfoundland is going around stealing a newspaper delivery van. (S/T to Kate) [The Telegram]


We continue our series of bartender training videos . . . this guy is wasted before he comes in, and the bartender makes a slight mistake. Have a look:

The mistake? Well, fuck if I remember now, but he made one.

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Don't forget . . . we have Episode 49 of Beyond Checkerdome coming your way soon. Hopefully tomorrow! For a brief moment, we discussed the leadoff link, but we did so much more . . . so stay tuned.