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Wednesday Links - Our Bar Doesn't Cut You Off

Know Thine Stars. PHT. Ice buckets. Disappointment. Ovi/Trotz. Cocktease McLellan. Krug. Fuck Chicago LOL. Robin Williams and Casey Stengel. The whiff. Fake mountain lions. And DON'T CUT ME OFF, ASSHOLE. It's hump day and shit.

We rarely cut people off at the bar, but some . . . we have to.
We rarely cut people off at the bar, but some . . . we have to.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo


  • So, David Wilson from Defending Big D (and fellow part of the Central Division Voltron that makes up III Communication's "DemocraThree") had me answer a few questions as part of his "Know Thine Enemy" series. It's a great read, to get the Stars perspective on the Blues as well as all my bitching about Steve Ott, because, well, he deserves it. [Defending Big D]
  • 'Twas Blues day at Pro Hockey Talk yesterday. Plenty of good pieces in there, but the start was this. I encourage you to go find the rest, it's good stuff. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • We did a couple throwback posts last week . . . we were going to do some this week, but life got in the way of RBR . . . so, that's not happening. Sorry, folks.


  • Everyone and their mothers took the ice bucket challenge yesterday, it seems. None of those videos will be posted here, but if you want to post those things in the comments . . . absolutely, go for it. There's just too Goddamn many of them.
  • Puck Daddy's Summer of Disappointment continues with a team that has been incredibly disappointing as of late . . . the Oilers, they of the recent Tyler Dellow hire. [Puck Daddy]
  • Alexander Ovechkin is aware of Barry Trotz being a demanding coach, but thinks he won't have a problem with him. And, y'know, I imagine if Ovi pots 50 goals again, neither the Capitals nor Barry will have a problem with him either. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]
  • Regarding the Sharks and a possible Captain change, Todd McLellan is an incredible cocktease. [Puck Daddy]
  • Imagine if Torey Krug were with the Blues right now. What would fans think of him? Or do we reserve such sour judgment solely for Europeans who want to go "back home"? *coughVLADIMIRSOBOTKAcough* (That all said, this is reported by Joe Haggerty, so take it with a grain of salt and/or the Bruins and Krug will reach a deal tomorrow and/or his source is the voice inside his fucking head.) [CSN New England]
  • The Blackhawks have to clear some salary to get under the cap. Who's it gonna be? Well, here are six candidates. And hey, maybe if you don't sign your goaltender to that big a deal, you won't HAVE THIS PROBLEM but whatever, enjoy. [Cheer the Anthem]


  • There was a baseball book written about Casey Stengel. And Robin Williams was to play Casey Stengel in a film adaptation. And it never happened, and now it never will. [SB Nation]
  • Chris Davis just helped the Orioles to a series win over the Cardinals over the weekend. He's got a shitty batting average, but he's got power and just happens to strike out a lot. So there's that. [Deadspin]
  • Mountain lion? Hah, false report. FOOLED YOU! [Y! / AP]


At Game Time, we never encourage anyone to cut anyone off. But the State of Montana disagrees:


Got any links for me? Videos? Well, send 'em along:

Episode 49 of Beyond Checkerdome should be yours this afternoon. Enjoy!