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Friday Links: Bitter, Twisted, & Proud

Weekend links are back and better than ever! ...well, they're back at least.

Come play with us...come play with us...
Come play with us...come play with us...
Jeff Zelevansky

This has been a pretty crazy week...but it sounds like it's getting better.

We're also closer to there being hockey, so of course it's getting better.


  • The DrinkScotch Center looks pretty swanky in the NHL 15 promos. [SLGT]
  • DanGNR got to see Blues draft pick Ivan Barbashev in a WJC summer development game during his recent trip to Montreal. Here his story and see some pics! [SLGT Fanpost]
  • Sad news this morning as former Blues coach Al Arbour has been suffering from dementia. Arbour is 2nd winningest coach in NHL history, though most of those were after leaving St. Louis because of course. (Sticktap to Hildy.) [New York Post]
  • recently made a subtle change to their Terms & Conditions of service agreement, and while you're probably a sane human being who has never read a Terms of Service agreement in your life, this update could spell big trouble for several Advanced Stats sites. [Puck Daddy]
  • EDIT: This could be entirely unrelated to that last link, but during this writing, Extra Skater went offline for unknown reasons. Could be in protest, or it could just be for maintenance. [Extra]
  • Question: how could you make the the Winnipeg Jets' history more disappointing? Answer: adding in the Atlanta Thrashers history as well. It's almost not even fair. [Puck Daddy]
  • (Fuck) Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland has signed a 4-year extension, because the captain must go down with the ship. [Winging It In Motown]
  • Greg Boysen, the editor-in-chief at Second City Hockey, is stepping down so he can take his game to the big time. You were a formidable adversary, Greg. Go and pay your respects. [Second City Hockey]
  • Gary Bettman dumped a bucket of ice on his head - and it didn't instantly melt in hellfire! It was actually for the ALS challenge you've seen everywhere, in which I have yet to be tagged...just sayin'.... [SLGT Fanshot]
  • The next time someone says some bullshit thing and backs it up with "I'm entitled to my own opinion!" please A) slap them hard in the face, then B) give them this to read. Part A is optional, though recommended. [The Conversation]
  • If you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy - and if you haven't, what the hell have you been doing for two weeks? - then you know that the soundtrack, which boils down to a 70s mixtape, is fantastic. Well, the GotG soundtrack is now the number 1 selling CD on the billboard charts, which begs the question: who the hell is still buying CDs? [The AV Club]
  • Here are some free tips on proper theatre-going etiquette. DO: arrive on time, turn off your cell phone, and applaud after musical numbers. DON'T: speak during the performance, take pictures, or drunkenly fingerblast your girlfriend in the audience. [Slog]

Captain America 2 was really, really good. But how could it have been better? Well....

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Barclay's Premier League season. To celebrate, here's why you should support Everton...or at least hate Liverpool. I feel like you wouldn't have to change very many words for this to be about being a Blues fan.

I'll be here all weekend - mostly on-timeish. So send me shit!

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