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Saturday Links: A Grand Old Team

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Tim Howard & Romelu Lukaku in the same picture is more manliness than is allowed by the Geneva Convention.
Tim Howard & Romelu Lukaku in the same picture is more manliness than is allowed by the Geneva Convention.
Michael Regan


  • Do you have a question about the Blues' upcoming season? Well, if it's one of these five questions, you don't have to wait to have them answered! [Blues]
  • Jori Lehtera could be the Blues' secret weapon this year. Army's happy he's here, that's for sure. [Blues]
  • Former Mighty Ducks goalie (and, not counting Chris Pronger, the last remaining Hartford Whaler) J.S. Giguere will announce his retirement next week, according to sources. [TSN]
  • As part of PHT's coverage of the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday, good St. Louis boy Ben Bishop is like Freddy & Bowie - under pressure. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Ukraine has withdrawn as hosts for the 2015 World Championships because of reasons. Thanks again, Putin! [IIHF]
  • This year, the European leagues will bring back the Champions League of hockey, featuring the best teams from each major European league (minus the KHL, at least this year). But what would a North American version look like, with NHL, AHL, & ECHL squads fighting for continental supremacy? [Anaheim Calling]
  • Marc Savard will now be a scout for the Ottawa 67s, where he'll hopefully be able to be safe from concussions finally. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • Wysh gives you the biggest disappointments in New Jersey Devils history. [Puck Daddy]
  • I'm doing these links a later in the morning than usual, so at this point the 2014-15 Premier League season is underway with Manchester United down 0-1 at half to Swansea City. By the time this goes up, American Hero Tim "Motherfucking" Howard and Everton will be opening their season on NBCSports. Here's SBNation's Big-Ass preview of the new season so you'll know the difference between Leicester City & Manchester City. [SBNation EPL]
  • Who killed the metric system in America? I mean, cool, because Murika, but seriously? [Slate]
  • In the immortal words of Tracy Jordan, "Live every week like it's Shark Week." These people actually do that, in a very literal sense. [Huff Post]

How much sleep do we actually need? For me, probably "more." Science Saturday with a less vague answer!

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