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Saturday Links: Janie's Got a James Gunn

Get ready to look forward to flashing back! Plus, Walt gets sued, Blues fans get praised, and one of our own directs the best movie of the summer.

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  • Here at St. Louis Game Time, we realize that August is a pretty drab 31 days for us hockey fans. So to help ease your pain, we'll be doing special "Flash Back Days" on Thursdays & Saturdays until we start getting actual games (or even fake games) to talk about. We'll set times to watch some of the "classic" Blues games on NHL Gamecenter, have game previews up during the day to set the scene, have special links that morning to put you in the mindset as if it were that game's original day, we'll have a game day thread so we can all watch the game together, and then Ashley, aka TrulyTerribleUltron, will have a game recap that night. All we need from you is to choose which games we'll be watching! Vote for them here: [SLGT]
  • Keith Tkachuk is being sued because KFNS is fucking embarrassing for everyone involved. Makes sense. [Frozen Notes]
Their fans now love to leave their town, get completely hammered, start all kinds of crazy fights, shout obscenities, and barely avoid being arrested... then park their car, and enter Bridgestone Arena.
  • P.K. Subban and the Canadiens could not reach a deal in time, so both sides are at the mercy of the arbitrator. [Puck Daddy]
  • If Subban's relationship with the Habs has gone far enough south, could he end up going south too, to Dallas? Perhaps P.K. on the Stars' blueline isn't quite so far-fetched after all... [Defending Big D]
  • Elsewhere in Conference III, the Minnesota Wild have made an actual signing, bringing Justin Falk back on a 2-way deal. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Last year during the regular season, the Kings were among the worst scoring teams in the league. In the playoffs, that obviously wasn't the case. Will they be able to keep that up? [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Winnipeg is terrible. And so are the Jets. Neither of those things are new, and neither of those things are likely to change in the near future. Lambert explains. [Puck Daddy]
  • Remember the Quebec Nordiques? That was crazy, wasn't it? How there spent almost their entire existence being terrible, then moved away and became the Colorado Avalanche, then immediately won the Stanley Cup? Well, what if they had never moved? Would we see an alternate timeline where the 1996 Cup Champions were...the Florida Panthers? [SBNation NHL]
  • The newest Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, was released yesterday, and it's really freaking good and you need to see it and have fun right now. Not just because it's more Star Wars than Iron Man, but it was also directed by James Gunn, a native son of The Gateway City! [STLToday]
  • Learn a few more things about Gunn and his St. Louis (Manchester, specifically) roots. [Riverfront Times]
  • It's been said that magic is nothing but science you don't understand. In that vein, have a look at some things that performing magicians actually knew before the scientists of their day - abra cadabra, it's Science Saturday! [Mental_Floss]
  • NBA star Paul George suffered a gruesome broken leg last night playing in a Team USA scrimmage. Seriously, it's fucked up, you probably don't want to see it. Remember that injury the basketball player from Louisville got a while back? This one is way worse. [YouTube]


This adorable little girl is very upset that her little brother won't be a cute little baby forever, and it's adorable...

...until you realize that you just witnessed a 5-year old girl contemplate her own mortality for the first time. HAHA, GOT YA! This seemingly adorable video is secretly really fucking depressing!

It might be your morning, but it's late for me...I think I'll have a bedtime story before I fall asleep.

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