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Thursday Links - Doctoring the TARDIS

Blues logo #3. Pavol. Love/Hate. Power Rankings. Draft lottery tweak. Disappointing Canadiens? Lawsuits. Kevin Hayes again. Simpsons marathon plan. Born in flight? And something dumb. Thursday.

Yep, he still sucks.
Yep, he still sucks.
Dilip Vishwanat



  • A follow-up to adroq's link from yesterday. . . THN named the Blues number three in their logo contest. This means ahead of the Blues are the Blackhawks (bleh) and . . . the fucking Coyotes? WHAT?! [The Hockey News]
  • A Blues delegation has arrived in Slovakia to raise funds for the Demitra fund, in honor of their old pal Pavol Demitra. [SLGT FanShots]
  • Our pal Sarah Connors wrote a thing over at Stanley Cup of Chowder about what she loves and hates about the Blues. T.J. Oshie and David Backes are cool, Steve Ott is not. Fair assessments, both. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]


  • The Panthers being shit, ice bucket challenges and facing reality are some of the topics Ryan Lambert takes on in this week's Power Rankings. [Puck Daddy]
  • So if you're shitty at hockey this season, there's less of a guarantee you'll get Connor McDavid at the end of it. The NHL changed its' draft lottery odds a bit. []
  • The Canadiens are not a team that strikes me as ever having been overly disappointing. But this guy goes through some franchise disappointments anyway. [Puck Daddy]
  • So the Steve Moore lawsuit with Todd Bertuzzi was done. Then it wasn't. Now the Canucks say it's done. I dunno. One thing I do know (or at least I think I do) . . . Todd Bertuzzi is an asswipe. [TSN]
  • I still don't know who Kevin Hayes is, really, but he signed with the Rangers yesterday. Yippee. [New York Post]


  • Do you have an action plan for FXX's 12-day marathon of The Simpsons? No? Well, NOW you do! (S/T to J-Mill) [The Wire]
  • Taking out the obvious flight risk of a pregnant woman expecting, like, NOW boarding a plane . . . what nationality would your child be if you're flying from, to or over something? Worthless knowledge, sure, but very intriguing stuff. (S/T to Kate) [NPR]


While I'm not the BIGGEST Doctor Who fan on the planet, I have a rudimentary understanding of the show and the series. With this . . . I have no clue what the fuck is going on here. (S/T to Childhood Trauma):

I mean . . . where IS the TARDIS? Or is the squad car the TARDIS? And why are there makeshift Daleks that aren't actually robots? What the fuck is even going on here? That was dumb.

Alright, so usually you'd hear me say that I'm done for the week and to send your shit to J-Mill. BUT NO! Not today, junior! I'm on duty both tomorrow AND Saturday! So keep on sendin' yo' links and shit:

And stay tuned for Throwback Thursday.