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Its Time for The STLGT Flashback Friday!

Well it seems my original posts yesterday were eaten by one of those gosh darn sharks that keep attacking the internet. So Instead everyone gets to enjoy a Flashback Friday!

This week you voted and a it was a nail biter. With 46% of the Vote today we will fire up our TARDIS( and Delorians and head back to April 23, 2002 when your St. Louis Blues took on the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the Stanley Cup Finals. This game did NOT take place in 2003 as originally posted. apparently never does their research or look at the dates on their game tapes!*

The Blues were thought to be the victor over the (then) struggling Fuckers Up North. The Hawks barely scratched their way into the playoffs that year and many chose the Blues to over take them in 4 games to zip. When this game aired the Blues had a 2-1 series lead after the fuckhawks took game one 2-1 on April 18.

For those wanting to participate in the GDT it will be posted around 6 pm St. Louis Time. You can sync your stream with others in the comments.

If you are in need of a Vault account to watch on please contact me via email!

This is you Flash Back Friday Stream!

*Interesting note when doing research for the game this article popped up. Oh the Childhood hockey memories!