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Friday Links: It Takes Two to Lie - One to Lie, & One to Listen

Mmmmm, links...

They hate this guy almost as much as our stupid people do!
They hate this guy almost as much as our stupid people do!
Frederick Breedon


  • Hey, did you know Blues single game tickets were on sale now? Because somehow I hadn't heard that yet. Not sure how I missed that. [Blues]
  • Our friends from Smashville detailed the Blues-Predators rivalry. Spoiler alert: they don't like us too much. [On The Forecheck]
  • The newest episode of Beyond Checkerdome is live and ready to go - the 50th episode! Halfway to syndication, guys. [SLGT]
  • After all of the expansion talk this week, a different option was brought up by rumor mongers (and Dan Patrick): relocation. [SBNation NHL]
  • Does hockey need to paint a "warning track" stripe around the boards? Yes. Yes it does. [Puck Daddy]
  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Sticktap to Marcus.) [The Hockey News]
  • Minnesota Wild fans predict that they'll have 4 different 25-goal scorers this season, which is almost as likely as the Avalanche winning the division again. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • What could be more disappointing that living in Pennsylvania? These moments from Penguins & Flyers history. [Puck Daddy (PHI)Puck Daddy (PIT)]
  • Down Goes Brown goes through all of the reasons that hockey in the 80's was ridiculously ludicrously mindbogglingly nuts. [Grantland]
  • Do you like hockey? (Duh.) Do you want to learn how to cook simple things? (Probably.) Do you like Sarah Connors? (Of course!) Then check out this new site! (Sticktap to CrossCheckRaise.) [4th Line Cook]
  • How do you get away with stealing a bear's head? I mean, you can't just stuff that under your shirt, right? (Sticktap to CanesAndBluesFan.) [Wtop]
  • I remember my father growing up would tell me one thing: never drink Rhode Island beer. ...he says a lot of odd things. But in any case, here's a ranking of each state's beers. Missouri & Illinois do pretty well. (Sticktap to CanesAndBluesFan.) [Thrillist]
  • Stealing a bear's head is one thing, but swiping silly string? NOW IT'S PERSONAL... Fun fact: this story is from Ty Rattie's hometown! (Sticktap to CCR.) [Discover Airdrie]
  • "When there's something strange (because it's Ghostbusters Day) in your neighborhood (in your baseball stadium) who ya' gonna call? (to throw out the first pitch?) GHOSTBUSTERS! (Specifically Ernie Hudson.)" [SBNation MLB]

You've undoubtedly seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by now - perhaps you've even done it. But is it actually worth a damn thing, especially if you don't donate? Well, perhaps very much so. Let Idea Channel explain!

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