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Saturday Links: Stupid, sexy Flanders...

Today, on a very special Links Post...

Tyler & Kate will NOT be getting mass married in China...I don't think.
Tyler & Kate will NOT be getting mass married in China...I don't think.
Feng Li

Apparently, Harrison Mooney is really bad at flirting. I'd link to what happened, but I don't want to give that hypocritical site any extra hits. On the one hand, I enjoyed his Puck Daddy writings...on the other hand, fuck that guy.

Moving on, shall we?


  • CanesAndBluesFan grades all of the Blues' offseason moves. I really agree with his reasoning for Paul Stastny, though I'm not sure I quite agree with the actual grade. Still some good stuff, though. [SLGT]
  • Today's a pretty special day for our own Prince of Pastries/Sultan of Sweets/Donut King, Tyler Atwood. Please send your benedictions, congratulations, and to see if there's anything left on their registry. And yes, this counts as "Blues News" because it's August 30th. [Twitter @KingDonutI]
  • The Steve Moore v. Todd Bertuzzi case has been removed from it's September 8th court docket, further evidence that the two sides are close to a settlement. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Nicklas Backstrom finally got his Olympic silver medal, after having been wrongfully disqualified shortly before the gold medal game against The Red-and-White Menace. This is probably the first time in history that a hockey player was happy about receiving a silver medal. [IIHF]
  • Usually I only put one, maybe two Puck Daddy links in a day, because I assume you read PD at least once a day already. But today there are a few that I really can't not link, starting with...[drum roll]...JERSEY FOULS!!! [Puck Daddy]
  • Next, Ryan Lambert wonders if the rumored NHL expansion plans are actually a good a idea. [Puck Daddy]
  • And finally, the biggest disappointments in Vancouver Canucks history. I have to say, the category of "Most Disappointing Canucks Jersey Ever" might be the most competitive of the entire series. [Puck Daddy]
  • You can now wear a T-shirt of an 8-bit hockey player from each team (and the major national teams). You can thank CrossCheckRaise with your sticktaps. [Eight Bit Hockey]
  • Iggy Azalea is an Australian white female rapper - you've no doubt heard her hit "Fancy" - and Tumblr is a site where literally every idea you could imagine has it's own blog. With that in mind, I present to you: Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea. [Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea.tumblr]
  • Do you need the NFL explained to you? I've been a fan for 16 years and even I need it explained to me. Luckily, there are info maps. [SBNation NFL]
  • Speaking of the NFL, today's the moment of truth for Michael Sam - the Rams cut their roster to 58 yesterday with Sam still on the team. But they must cut 4 more by 3:00 central today. Stay tuned. [STLToday]
  • The teeny-bopper British boyband sensation One Direction was in St. Louis earlier this week, and these were the creepiest fan-made signs in the crowd at The Dome. I truly fear for our economy if 12 year old fangirls ever stopped making signs. [Riverfront Times]

As I alluded to earlier, today's a special day for Tyler. Here's hoping it's less like this...

...and more like this...

I may or may not have links for you tomorrow - I'll be out of town - but I will still be with you for Labor Day and beyond until the Honeymoon period is through, soooooo...send me links!
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