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1997 Stanley Cup Playoffs: STL @ DET: GDT

Tonight your clearly color blind St. Louis Blues take on the Detroit Red Wings in the first game of the 1996-1997 Stanley Cup Playoffs!

If it Fits it sitz. On your head. Douche.
If it Fits it sitz. On your head. Douche.

Tonight we disband our use of the color red. Tonight it becomes the color of hate. Well, it was already the color of hate, but now it is even more hate; it represents Deadthings hate. It's the first game of the first round and though our hearts rode an emotional roller coaster equivalent to that of a small child headed to school who then finds out they are going to Disneyland for the day. It's the NHL Playoffs, baby! Who"s ready? I am ready.

Grab a case of beer, adjust those rabbit ears and turn the dial to ESPN 2 for full coverage of tonight's game.

Puck drops at 6:30 St. Louis time.

Stick around after the game for a recap of tonight's festivities.

This is your 1996-1997 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs GDT!

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