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Sunday Links: Jori Keeps It Fresh

Click some links while you wait to watch football, or while you wait to tell people you refuse to watch football.

Norway's Mathis Olimb begs Jori Lehtera to take him to St. Louis because he needs to buy fresh okra.
Norway's Mathis Olimb begs Jori Lehtera to take him to St. Louis because he needs to buy fresh okra.
Martin Rose

What's this? Links? Surely you can't be serious! I am serious, and don't call me surely. Call me Shirley.

  • Jaden Schwartz is officially the longest unsigned RFA of Doug Armstrong's tenure. Is that a problem? (Spoiler alert: not really, no.) [SLGT]
  • Jori Lehtera likes being in St. Louis. Jori Lehtera loves shopping for groceries in St. Louis. "Everything is fresh!" [Frozen Notes]
  • Jake Allen's fortunes are going to be a huge factor in the Blues' success this year, but so far he's settling into the idea of not having to fight to stay out of the AHL. [STLToday]
  • Want to go watch the Blues training camp practices at DrinkScotch? Here's your schedule. [SLGT]
  • In Traverse City, the Blues prospect squad lost in overtime 4-3 to the Minnesota Wild a day after losing 3-2 to the (Fuck) Detroit Red Wings, also in overtime.  [Blues]
  • According to a ticket broker in Vancouver, no one wants to buy Canucks tickets right now. I guess people in Vancouver aren't always high, right? [News1130]
  • Remember a couple years ago when Alexander Ovechkin was voted All-Pro at both left wing and right wing because hockey writers are idiots who didn't know that he played right wing? Well, Barry Trotz must think that's a good idea - Alexander the Gr8 will play on both sides this year. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • The Stars introduced a new mascot this week, and...well, I'd describe him as "annoyingly green." I'm a fan of mascots, but what the hell is up with his sticks-for-ears? [Defending Big D]
  • The Wild have signed Nino Niederreiter to a new 3 year deal $2.67 million AAV. If this were a fair and just universe, Schwartzie would make almost twice as much as that...but thankfully for Tom Stillman, this is not that universe. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Some good news: Flyers chairman Ed Snider is now cancer free! #FuckCancer [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • When looking at Fenwick, you usually have to account for the score effects of teams hanging back to protect leads. But which teams do the best at playing with a lead? According to all of these great numbers, the Blues are among the elite in that category. [The Committed Indian]
  • Long time NHL fans love to mythologize defunct teams such as the Hartford Whalers or the Quebec Nordiques, but one significant NHL failure often seems to fall through the cracks: the California Golden Seals/California Seals/Oakland Seals. Here is their story. Long live the Class of '67! (Sticktap to CrossCheckRaise.) [SBNation NHL]
  • You want emoji previews from Puck Daddy? I got your emoji previews from Puck Daddy right here! [SenatorsRangersIslanders]
  • If you're not too revolted by the National Football League yet, then an unhealthy dose of Rams vs. Buccaneers should solve that. Here are the in-market TV games in your respective markets. [506 Sports]
  • Good news everyone! A new theory says it could be possible to go back in time and kill your grandfather! It may be Sunday, but according to this theory I could go back in time and bring you this link on a proper Science Saturday. [Scientific American]
  • You want more science? Men with big bellies are better sex partners. Ladies... [Your Tango]
  • St. Louis could be among the next cities getting Google's uber-fast high speed fiber Internet connection. Which would be fantastic for me, because half of the time I miss a day of links, it's because I couldn't get my wi-fi to work. (Although I'll be honest - I missed the last couple days because I just found out that I could play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on my iPhone, so...I've been pre-occupied doing that.) [Riverfront Times]

I've got a few for you, since I missed a couple days.

This coming week, Scotland will be voting on whether or not to declare independence from Great Britain, and one of Scotland's native sons wishes to voice his thoughts on the matter...

The folks of "Mythbusters" (sort of) look to test one of the biggest myths in human history...

(Gonna head this off at the pass - it's a joke, people. Okay, moving on.)

And finally, we've seen some tough and sad times locally in the past, What The Hell is St. Louis Thinking?

If you still have a dry eye after that, you need to move back to Chicago, you faker.

Tomorrow is Monday, which means DK will bring you links again. Bring him some links so he can bring them back to you.
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