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Tuesday Links - Slayer on a Ukelele

Prospects go meh. Fabbri is good, though. Paint the ice. Teej is good. Fantasy hockey. Mueller. Gunnarsson. Nudist dipshits. Other hockey. Other shit. And SLAYER ON A GODDAMN UKELELE. Enjoy your Tuesday.

"According to reports, I'm the only prospect worth a shit for this tournament. But it didn't count, so . . . whatever."
"According to reports, I'm the only prospect worth a shit for this tournament. But it didn't count, so . . . whatever."
Jeff Zelevansky

I checked the calendar again. I have confirmed that it, indeed, is not yet October.


  • It was a little late in posting, but Prospect Sunday went up last night and I didn't get it on yesterday morning's links. Brian has info about the first two Blues games at the Traverse City Prospects Tournament. Wanna know how that third game went? Stay tuned, if you wanna barf. [SLGT]
  • You were warned. The Blues lost 7-2 to the prospects of the Blue Jackets and will play in the 7th place game. No link, but I'll let you know one of the Blues goals was scored by Jake Chelios . . . yep, son of Chris Chelios . . . so there you go.
  • Despite that, Blues prospect Robert Fabbri is looking good. Still a couple years away, though. (S/T to both Brad Lee and CrossCheckRaise, who seemingly retweeted this simultaneously) [The Hockey News]
  • The crew painted the Scottrade (DRINKSCOTCH) ice yesterday. Guess all that's left is that salt brine mixture that makes up the ice. Beauty, eh. [SLGT FanShots]
  • Fuckin' sick, man. Teej. [SLGT FanShots]
  • Wanna play fantasy hockey with other SLGT folks? Last chance! [SLGT]
  • Peter Mueller is gonna be hard-pressed to find a job with this squad, but he hopes to add something to the forward mix if he does. [In The Slot / Lou Korac]
  • Carl Gunnarsson may not be ready for the season opener, but he's trying to be. He was at practice yesterday, at least. [StL Today / Morning Skate]
  • If nudists want to be wrong, I don't want them to be right. [SLGT]


  • Friend of Game Time and friend of Beyond Checkerdome, Joe Yerdon, now works for SB Nation. His first piece? About some big news with the NHL . . . kinda . . . they'll still have a 24/7-like show . . . AND . . . it'll be on EPIX. It'll also cover not just the Winter Classic, but the Stadium Series game in Santa Clara to boot. Welcome aboard, Joe! [SB Nation]
  • The Nashville Predators in Emoji's should just be a bunch of weeping angels (DON'T BLINK). But instead, Jen Neale went for real with this, I guess. [Puck Daddy]
  • Apparently, people think Dean Lombardi is gonna divulge his secrets. Or else, Dean Lombardi thinks people believe he's going to divulge his secrets. Well no shit, Sherlock, he's giving you nothing. [LA Kings Insider]
  • THW did a pretty packed interview with Nail Yakupov . . . and stuff. [The Hockey Writers]
  • "Captains? We don't need no stinkin' Captains!" -- The Canadiens, apparently [Canadiens]
  • Ryan Lambert wonders aloud if players care about Corsi. That and more in his weekly What We Learned piece. [Puck Daddy]


  • "We're gonna shut down because one team, one player and five or fifty of my asshole friends on the internet want to be stupid." -- the shorter version of this . . . y'know how we deal with shit like this here? By banning people, because they are not our friends. Overreactions are hilarious. [SB Nation / Lookit]
  • Remember that crotch-grab from Jonathan Papelbon on Sunday? It got him a 7-game suspension. I'm sure Phillies fans love this. [Deadspin]
  • Arkansas State wants you to believe that ONE OF ITS' FOOTBALL PLAYERS IS DEAD while executing a fake punt. Well that's adorable. [SB Nation / Lookit]
  • Add "Jim Nantz" and "All 32 NFL Teams" to this petition, and I will sign it so fast it doesn't even matter CBS doesn't care [Mile High Report]


Think you've seen the FULL RANGE OF METAL that SLAYER can deliver? Oh, no you fucking HAVEN'T. Because now you're about to hear SLAYER on . . . A FUCKING UKELELE, GODDAMNIT!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!11!!!!! (S/T to Paperwork Ninja):


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Beyond Checkerdome Episode 52 was recorded yesterday. It shall be posted when the wind blows correctly.