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Wednesday Links - The BizNasty-ing

Biz. Barbashev. Eugene Melnyk is a terrible businessman. Emoji's. Jarmo fuckin' up. Lester Patrick Trophy. More U.S. hockey? DeKeyser. Pissin' in water bottles. Scotland. And shark defeated by dachshund. HUMP. DAY.

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Time to buy a bunch of Sauce Hockey gear!
Time to buy a bunch of Sauce Hockey gear!
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I misspelled "ukulele" several times yesterday. I do apologize.

Oh well.


  • The Blues are bringing in Paul Bissonnette on a tryout offer. This basically means a spot on the Wolves is his to lose and a spot on the Blues is his to gain. Either way, not a terrible idea for either side. Robb has some info. [SLGT]
  • By-and-large, the Umlaut Overlord--Magnus Pääjärvi--is not as much aligned with the Blues' future as some may have expected. But could the second round pick from the same trade, Ivan Barbashev, eventually make the Blues feel good about that David Perron trade? Well, sure he could. But it'll take time. [StL Today / Morning Skate]


  • If you are the owner of a hockey franchise in the nation of Canada and you have to tell people that it will be "tough" to "make hockey work" in your market . . . AND IF YOU'RE IN THE GODDAMN CAPITAL OF SAID COUNTRY . . . you, sir/madam, are a terrible businessperson and should fucking quit. Anyway, the Senators are run poorly. (Also, they're essentially blaming the government for their problems, which is usually hilarious.) [The Score]
  • It's the Canadiens' turn to be previewed in Emoji's. [Puck Daddy]
  • I love Jarmo, but the man who gave Nathan Horton THAT contract shouldn't be (essentially) calling his team's brightest young star (namely, Ryan Johansen) and his agent any form of "greedy" in these contentious times. Doesn't bode well for either the Blue Jackets or the player. [Blue Jackets Xtra]
  • The Lester Patrick Trophy will be given to both Flyers president Paul Holmgren--who is on shrooms--and NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly--who wasn't a TOTAL asshole during the last lockout (or the one before it) but wasn't completely blameless either. Meh. [USA Today]
  • Speaking of Daly, though, he says the number of United States NHL cities "should continue to grow". *coughSEATTLEcough* [Puck Daddy]
  • Danny DeKeyser, who totally had the option of being a Blue Note after college because he was undrafted and the Blues went after him, will now wallow with a sinking Red Wings team for the next two years and still never be Nicklas Lidstrom and shit. [Detroit News]


  • Pissing in the opposing soccer goalkeeper's water bottle? That is so fucking metal. Kudos, Switzerland! [Y! / Reuters]
  • Tomorrow, voters in Scotland will decide whether or not they want to stay in the United Kingdom with England, Wales and Northern Ireland (CUE "BRAVEHEART"). But what will it mean if they split? [NPR]


Ever seen a dachshund destroy an inflatable shark and carry it back to its' carrier? Well, now you will:


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And remember, Beyond Checkerdome Episode 52 should be up later this week. Probably not today. We'll let you know, though.