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Grading the Free Agents: Wings

I grade this Summer's Free Agent Wing signings

Peter Mueller
Peter Mueller
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, I grade the Wingers. Kip Winger I give a "D". Debra a "B".

Matt Moulson 5 years $5m AAV Grades: B

Thomas Vanek 3 years $6.5m AAV

Mike Cammalleri 5 years $5m AAV

All somewhat overpaid. 3 years is better than 5 in my book.

Steve Downie 1 year $1m Grade: B

Downie can actually play a little. Nice at the price.

Jussi Jokinen 4 years $4m AAV Grade: B

Jokinen is a one-dimensional offensive guy good for about 50-60 points a season if he gets top-6 plus PP minutes. He's been given away at least twice in his career. Sadly, this is probably Florida's best contract.

Mason Raymond 3 years $3.1m AAV Grade: B

Number 81 in Corsi Rel, 179 in Corsi. Points have ranged from 20 to 53. Money and term are pretty good.

Jarome Iginla 3 years $5.3m AAV Grade: B-

Iginla is still solid, but this seems like a little too much money and one too many years. 35+ contract.

Marian Gaborik 7 years $4.9m AAV Grade: B-

A lot depends on how many games Gaborik manages to play. His talent is worth more than the AAV but the term is scary long.

Radim Vrbata 2 years $5m AAV Grade: C+

A lot of money for Vrbata. I would much rather have Moulson or Cammalleri at this price.

Martin Havlat 1 year $1.5m Grades: C

Dany Heatley 1 year $1m

Lee Stempniak 1 year $900k

Devin Setoguchi 1 year $1m

David Booth 1 year $1.1m

I would lump these together as reasonable gambles. Havlat is probably the most likely to pay off. Setoguchi is only 27.

Ales Hemsky 3 years $4m AAV Grade: C

Hemsky put up 43 points in 75 games. Both were the highest he's had since 2008-09. I'd rather have Hemsky than Kulemin or Michalek though.

Brian Gionta 3 years $4.25m AAV Grade: C-

Gionta has been producing 40-ish points pretty steadily. Way too much money at this point. Too many years. 35+ contract.

Shawn Thornton 2 years $1.2m AAV Grade: C-

I can imagine the conversation when he shows up in Florida. Tallon: "What the? I can't see through him! Let me see that. Dammit, I thought that said 'translucence' "

Milan Michalek 3 years $4m AAV Grade: C-

Last 5 seasons point wise are 34, 33, 60, 14, 39. Too much money.

John Scott 1 year $700k Grade: C-

I don't think this is the end of the world for the Sharks (not at $700k). I saw a couple games last season where I thought Scott was Buffalo's best player (usually playing defense though). That may have more to do with Buffalo than Scott.

Nikolai Kulemin 4 years $4.2m AAV Grade: D+

Last 5 seasons in points: 36, 57, 28, 23, 20. Way too much money. I guess Grabovski and Kulemin were a package deal.

Jiri Tlusty 1 year $2.95m Grade: D+

Tlusty is getting paid for his completely out of character 23 goals in 48 games 2012-13. Projects to 16 or so goals in a full season off the rest of his career. This money would have been better spent on a defenseman.

Cody McCormick 3 years $1.5m AAV Grade: D has him as a center, CapGeek as a RW. Even if he's a center, it's too much money and 2 years too many.

Tanner Glass 3 years $1.45m AAV Grade: F

Glass is dead last in Corsi and Corsi Rel over the last 5 years. By wide margins. Fail.