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Tuesday Links - Dara O'Briain and David O'Doherty

The Dallas Stars and your Saint Louis Blues played a game yesterday that did not count for anything, and we have that and other things. Including videos of a couple Irishmen being funny.

Why didn't I think of beheading Steve Ott earlier?
Why didn't I think of beheading Steve Ott earlier?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I saw the Dave Rawlings Machine last night. Look them up. They're great. And check out who plays the mandolin for that band . . . John Paul Jones. Yes, THAT John Paul Jones. Pretty cool. Apparently it was my summer to see rock and roll legends in Missoula.



  • I missed this yesterday . . . the Blues got a special visitor yesterday before their game against the Blue Jackets, and it was cool. (S/T to BigMacAttack) [Blues / Overtime Blog]
  • A game happened yesterday between the Stars and Blues. It didn't count. But results happened, even if the game wasn't televised or available via web stream outside of Texas. (By the way, even though I was at a concert while this game happened . . . fuck you for that, Stars. That's a dick move.) Our GDT, though, had our first troll of the season! Be sure to tell him to go fuck himself. [SLGT]
  • Part Four of CanesAndBluesFan's WOWY Is Worthless series. [SLGT]


  • Here's me, making up for not posting the scores from Sunday. [ 09/21/14]
  • Here's me, posting last night's scores. [ 09/22/14]
  • Here's me, telling you who's playing tonight by posting today's games. You get the point. [ 09/23/14]
  • Among yesterday's games? A couple games between the Senators and Islanders in Saint John's, Newfoundland. They obviously started and ended early. (S/T to Kate) [Y! Sports / AP]
  • One guy who didn't play in either of those games? Mister Intennessee himself, Bobby Ryan . . . who was being held out due to a possible concussion. [Ottawa Sun]
  • Gary Bettman did a Q&A in Toronto yesterday where he talked about how much of an asshole he is not, compared to Roger Goodell. Also, what he said about expansion, leaving HBO and Stephane Quintal. [Puck Daddy]
  • Remember the Flyers' Winter Classic sweaters from 2012? Well, that is now the Flyers' third sweaters. [Icethetics]
  • Peter Karmanos thinks the Hurricanes are worth $420MM. I didn't know weed was legal in North Carolina as of yet. [Puck Daddy]
  • Mike Cammalleri will not wear number 13 for the Devils. Not because it's not available, but because Lou Lamoriello is a superstitious dickcheese fuckhead toolbox thing. []


  • The owner of the Baltimore Ravens is trying to tell everyone that Outside The Lines is lying. Good luck with that, pal. [SB Nation]
  • Today is the 125th anniversary of gaming giant Nintendo. Here's a list of ten key milestones for them. (S/T to @hmilfeld) [The Week UK]


Sticking with our theme of English/Irish Comedy videos this week . . . we turn our full focus to the Emerald Isle today. First, Dara O'Briain on the difference between Catholics and Protestants. (S/T to Kate):

So, so true.

Following that . . . a comedian named David O'Doherty (whom I'd never heard of before this was sent), and his beefs from 2012. (S/T to Childhood Trauma):

#Hot. #Takes.

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