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Sunday Links: No Power in The 'Verse Can Stop Me


We got to leave Kansas City? YAAAAY!!!
We got to leave Kansas City? YAAAAY!!!
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday.


  • The Blues lost yet another pre-season game in Kansas City last night, 4-2 to the Stars. At least that's what legend says. Scholars believe that all evidence of last night's game was lost centuries ago. All that remains is this ancient, tattered game recap. [Blues]
  • But no one gives a shit about that because Jaden Schwartz was signed to a 2-year deal yesterday, which will count $2.35 million against the cap. [SLGT]
  • rminton618 takes another look at the Roman Polak - Carl Gunnarsson trade, and concludes that it was a net loss for both teams. Not sure I agree with that, certainly not before we've played a single game, but he makes a case. [SLGT]
  • After the game, the Blues made 5 more cuts which were sent down to the Chicago Wolves, including Ty Rattie. [STLToday]
  • Okay, I guess I'll REALLY give you last night's scores today, since it seems no one caught my joke on Friday. [ 9/27]
  • Same for today's. [ 9/28]
  • Will Schwartzie's new deal move the needle in Columbus in the Ryan Johansen negotiations? [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Flames emojis. [Puck Daddy]
  • No Rams game this weekend (thank glob!), so which games are on in St. Louis? Which games are on wherever you are? [506 Sports]
  • Think you drink more than most people? Well according to this chart, you're probably not in the top 10% of Americans 0 and if you are, you should probably get some help. (Sticktap to @akmark78.) [Washington Post]
  • You ever see a piece of art and think to yourself, "What drugs was that artist doing?" Well for this guy, the answer is "All of them." [Elite Daily]
  • It's easy now to think that The Simpsons was always treated like the genius that it is, but what did people think of it when it first started? [Vulture]


Sci-Fi week continues with this extended Firefly fan film, courtesy of RBR. Very fun & well done.

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