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Monday Links - Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader

Cuts. Prospects. More on the Schwartz deal. Scores. Schedule. Emojis. Komisarek done? Jeets. Cruel, cruel irony. Hitler vs. Vader. And Take Your Daughter To Work Day, Storm Trooper style! Just another Manic Monday.

Cody Beach did not make the team, but it wasn't because he didn't have any FIGHT in him! Get it? Fight . . . oh whatever.
Cody Beach did not make the team, but it wasn't because he didn't have any FIGHT in him! Get it? Fight . . . oh whatever.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

THIS JUST IN: It is, indeed, not October yet. You burnt your calendar, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!


  • It was posted yesterday, but we now have Hildy's notes on the five players sent to the Chicago Wolves as part of Saturday night's roster cut-down. [SLGT]
  • Prospect Sunday! Brian shows us all the transactions involving Blues prospects, which gives us a clearer picture of what the Wolves roster is looking like. [SLGT]
  • The big news of the weekend, of course, was the Jaden Schwartz signing. Greg Wyshynski writes that the matter of Schwartz getting his deal is mostly a matter of him wising up to his leverage and the team's available cap space. [Puck Daddy]


  • Six games were played yesterday. None of them counted for fucking shit. [ 09/28/14]
  • Seven games will be played today. None of them will count for fucking shit. [ 09/29/14]
  • I didn't actually read this, but my guess is that the Sabres preview in Emojis is probably a lot of steaming piles of shit. [Puck Daddy]
  • Mike Komisarek? Not gonna be playing for the Devils this year, and the 32-year-old (which means he's younger than me) might be done now. Fuck, I'm old. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]


  • Derek Jeter's career ended with an RBI infield single (driving in one of my personal favorites, Ichiro Suzuki). Dude was an average-at-best overall fielder but he was good at hitting, that's for damn sure. [Deadspin]
  • "And he HATED irony!" [Y! / AP]


J-Mill got Sci-Fi "Week" off to a roaring start. And now I'm gonna fuck it all up with a rap battle between Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader (Part 2, apparently):


But it gets better! Because Robot Chicken is fucking awesome. (S/T to Kate):

"I'm sorry you had to see that."

Let Sci-Fi Week continue with more videos! Oh, and some links, too. That'd be swell. Do it to it: