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Thursday Links: Back And Better Than Never

The links make their triumphant return from the depths of an extended Labor Day weekend!

"Give me some money..."
"Give me some money..."
Claus Andersen

Hey, remember when I used to bring you links in the morning? Well hell, let's bring that old tradition back, shall we?

And would you look at that - we're two weeks to the day away from the opening of training camp!


  • Since last we linked, the Blues signed first round pick Robby Fabbri to an entry level contract. [STLToday]
  • Still not signed, however, is RFA Jaden Schwartz. The sides are reportedly "significantly apart." In other words, get ready for someone to call Schwartzie "Albert Pujols" on Facebook after 6 hours of holdout time. [STLToday]
  • C&BF used the same method he used to grade the Blues off-season moves to grade every NHL level move this summer. [GoaliesDefensemenWingersCenters]
  • CrossCheckRaise wants you to do your homework to prep for the season! [SLGT]
  • Another sign it's almost time for the season: the announcement of the Traverse City prospects tournament roster & schedule. [Blues]
  • Ty Rattie is a hero in his hometown! Sticktap to CCR. [Airdrie Echo]
  • Roman Vopat is part of two very exclusive groups of people - players who traded for Wayne Gretzky, and Blues draft picks in the 1990s (we had about three of those). He's also an assistant coach for the Prince George Cougars of the WHL, his old junior hockey team. (Another CCR sticktap.) [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • As if you needed more reason to realize that letting Vladimir Sobotka hop the Atlantic was a mistake, here's a list of the top 20 players in the league in adjusted Corsi per minute. It's a prestigous list of players which Sobotka slots into at 15th, just above Jonathon Toews. (FTR, Alexander Steen is 8th and Vladimir Tarasenko is 20th; sticktap to HallPlante.) [Kukla's Korner]
  • Puck Daddy's annual season preview series is emoji-themed. Disappointing, really - I was hoping for a Game of Thrones theme this year. In any case, they're also going in reverse alphabetic order, so here are the first two: the Jets and the Capitals. [WinnipegWashington]
  • The Bruins have resigned David Krejci to a 6 year, $7.17 mill per deal, because when you really think about it, money doesn't mean a thing and only has value because we place value on it. Clearly Peter Chiarelli does not place that same value. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Have a spare $1.4 billion? Want to purchase 4 NHL expansion franchises? Well too bad, because that ain't enough scratch according to Gary Bettman. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Joe Pavelski is awesome, He had a fantastic season last year scoring goals. Just don't necessarily expect him to repeat it this year. [SBNation NHL]
  • EMERGENCY NEWS TO THE CORE AUDIENCE OF ST. LOUIS GAME TIME!!! A Super Troopers sequel is "close." [Nerdist]
  • Remember the space geckos that Russia lost while they were on a zero-gravity orgy "experiment?" Those poor, horny reptiles will now be doing insurance commercials in heaven. :-( [The Guardian]
  • Missouri is the 5th most 80s-crazy state, based mostly on its love of Dirty Dancing. Just couldn't overcome Kentucky's love for DallasThe Golden Girls, and Ronald Reagan. [Riverfront Times]
  • Do you think you know your wildly un-qualified TV psychiatrists? Then take this quiz to see if you can tell if it was said by Dr. Phil or Dr. Tobias Funke from Arrested Development, aka, The Greatest Comedy in TV History! I got them all right, but that's only because I can pretty much quote the entire series word-for-word verbatim. "Oh blow hard!" [Mental_Floss]

I now present to you Jaden Schwartz's new theme song, courtesy of the greatest musical group ever conceived of: Spinal Tap!

Also, here's a review of eating 15 pancakes, courtesy of Review. This has nothing to do with Jaden Schwartz...unless he likes pancakes, which I can only imagine he does.

Send links, and they shall be posted! Tomorrow! For realz, yo!
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