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Monday Open Bar - Got My Spine, Got My Orange Crush

Another day, another open bar. Meh. Check out what happens when you piss off Mike Danton, though. It's fun. Oh, and Go Broncos or some shit.

"I've had my fun and now it's time to serve your conscience overseas."
"I've had my fun and now it's time to serve your conscience overseas."
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Orange. Ponies.


  • Brian has your Traverse City Prospect Tournament preview. The Blues are sending some good ones. Should be fun. [SLGT]
  • Yesterday was the third anniversary of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane disaster. Check out our write-ups from 2012 and 2013 regarding the subject, including quotes from Jamal Mayers about his old friend Pavol Demitra . . . RIP Pavol, Igor and everyone lost in that crash. [SLGT FanShots]
  • It's the Blues' turn to be previewed in Emoji's. Take it away, Sean Leahy! [Puck Daddy]
  • I would think . . . but maybe I'm wrong about this . . . that the last thing a reasonable group of men would want to do is provoke a person who spent time in the pokey for conspiracy to commit murder to drag one of your players off the bench and want to beat the holy living Christ out of him in front of tens and tens of fans. But hey, I'm not exactly the pariah of reason or anything, I mean, geez. (Yes, of course I'm talking about Mike Danton . . . how'd you guess?) [Puck Daddy]
  • Antonio Brown kicked the Browns' punter in the face during live action (not intentionally) yesterday. The Internet acted accordingly. [SB Nation]
  • Three rare lobsters caught by one lobsterman in a short period of time . . . and two of them are albinos. That's cray. (Literally.) [Y! / AP]
  • Bruce Levenson, owner of the Atlanta Hawks, done fucked up. But unlike noted racist asshole Donald Sterling, he's taking preemptive action against himself by selling his team now instead of forcing the NBA's hand later. [Deadspin]


In honor of the Broncos winning yesterday, the (VERY UN)official song of the Broncos' defense this season . . . courtesy of R.E.M. Even though the song has nothing to do with anything awesome, really:

"I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush."

I should have full links for you tomorrow. If not, your money back. Oh, you paid nothing for this and it doesn't matter? Well, for SHAME! Anyway, send me links because you really should:

And a programming note . . . we'll have Episode 51 of Beyond Checkerdome for you later this week. We're transitioning to the beginning of the season and, as such, may change some things soon, so stay tuned.